Every business is unique. It has its beginnings, target audience, product, promotion policy, challenges, methods of their solution, and so on. Tools for solving seemingly similar challenges even in one industry may be different and not suitable for another business.

We tried to move on, as with all of our projects. And we succeeded. 

We want to show reducing the solution of one problem, namely, product demonstrations, into one application.

Why are we so sure that almost every business can effectively use our product? The answer is simple, we checked it. At the moment, it is used by companies that produce completely different products, of different size, purpose, price, and even the country of production and application.

The Augmented Reality application allows you to demonstrate a product of any size in real-time under any conditions. All you need is a regular smartphone and our application. The essence of the problem lies in the organization of the transportation of the product, its parts and, even, its configuration. Such logistic operations cost a lot of money, because the larger the load, the more expensive its transportation. It also requires numerous documentary permits, because each country has its own rules on the import of goods. The AR app is able not only to reduce the cost of transportation of demonstration goods, but also to reduce to zero such costs, both in monetary terms and in time.

First, you need a 3D product model. This stage should be given special attention. Every detail can influence the outcome of the development as the future product depends on the accuracy of the 3D modelling. We have many cases of 3D modelling that’s why we understand that is exactly the case where every single detail matters. Then the 3D model of a plane, the application and will be able to demonstrate the product from different angles.

The AR app is developed using Augmented Reality technology. It is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. For the development used С++, C#  on the basis of Unity and Unreal engines. 

We would like to show you the result of the cooperation with our long-term partner, the company Def C which produces top-notch UAVs with Computer Vision technologies implemented.

The company Def C is engaged in the full development cycle of hardware and software for UAVs. (Our joint project about developing software with the help of Computer Vision technology deserves attention as well. But now is not about that.)

Customer objectives

AR application that has to visualize the product up to the smallest detail, in this case, a drone and remote control. 


  • To create a high-poly 3D model used only drawings of the real drone.
  • Also, the task was to make a model with the ability to scale, for a more spectacular demonstration.
  • To create an easy to use, a precise model of the drone that could be demonstrated at any time to any potential client in the world without the need of physical transportation. 


The application aims to help a potential client to view the product in the smallest detail, without leaving his/her office.

As you can see, the principle of the AR app allows you to create a 3D model and subsequently an AR-asset for the presentation of any equipment even the bulkiest one. Size, complexity, the number of details, potential danger of the product do not play any role. And the most important thing, which is equally important for marketing, sales, and staff training, is that the performance of the presentation is not lost at all due to the incredible realism.


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