UX/UI Design for PEAK 15

As the world becomes increasingly digital, more and more IT software products emerge in the market. Competition is fierce, and consumers are becoming ...

Business Automation Software Solutions: Jira+ Slack+ Camunda +Microservices!

Using Jira + Slack+ Camunda we have managed to automate reports generation for C-level managers and delivery directors. Using the same approach we ...

IoT-based Smart Space Solution

Collecting and analyzing data within the closed space, whether it’s a hospital, a financial institution, or a huge warehouse is challenging but not ...

Chatbot for DevOps Department

Increase team efficiency by 17% as we automate. This incredible result was achieved by our specialists when they launched Chatbot for DevOps ...

IoT for Towers Monitoring in Telco Industry

The demand of IoT ecosystem gives us an opportunity to create a valuable asset consisting of things, data, processes and people. We possess vast ...

3D Model of an Observer

Creating high poly Observer 3d model for final product presentation

3D Model of the Observer Case Mobile Station

Creation Observer 3D Model of the Mobile Case Station

3D Model XR for Hololens

Creating a 3D model for staff education using mechanism by Hololens

3D Architectural Visualization

Creating photoreal architectural visualization

3D Content for Intecrator Web Site

Creation 3D content for web site

3D Model of the Observer Mobile Transport System

Creation 3D visualization of the Observer Mobile Transport System

Virtual Reality Tour to the Gallery

Modelling gallery from drawing documents for MR prototype and final 3D visualization

The Web Portal of Unified State Registers

The Web Portal is being developed to facilitate registrars’ access to multiple registers and improve their performance, as well as to enable citizens ...

Smart Door - An Application for Automated Door Unlocking

Softengi has created Smart Door System - a solution providing automated door unlocking with the help of fingertip recognition application and ...

Lead Management Mobile Application

Softengi developed a cloud-based renewable energy business platform, which allows the company to track, streamline, and automate combinations of its ...

Deals. Comprehensive Document Flow System

Make your e-document flow quick and easy as never before. Deals simplifies document flow, saves expenditures and streamlines business processes.

DocNet Document Management System

DocNet is a Document Management System we created for the Intecracy consortium. With an efficient document management system, companies can easily ...

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