“Will this app bring value to the end users?” That’s the question solution architects, UI/UX designers, and business analysts ask when mobile app development starts. Luckily, MVPCast, a live streaming video platform, is one of those practical and friendly mobile apps which users don’t uninstall in a week because they see tangible results. MVP Cast, a live video streaming app, is supposed to improve the lives of all those involved into professional sports, and it does it successfully.

So what’s the main benefit of MVPCast for users?

To create a professional-looking high-quality video sports fans needed expensive and puzzling equipment. More than that, users didn’t have a chance to process videos on their own to make them look attractive and engaging. It was before MVP Cast, a broadcasting app that made sports streaming as easy as opening a Word Doc on the laptop.

Of course, the access to 5G changed it all: it became possible to create a live video streaming app that could satisfy even the most demanding sportsmen.

MVPCast Live Video Streaming App

MPV Cast Features we Worked on tirelessly

  • High-quality video streaming without delays. This live streaming video application allows non-stop streaming. Failover system improvement (so that users don’t lose the video the internet connection) was a critical solution of the problem of poor Internet connection. It includes buffereazation and offline preservation.
  • Cloud Storage. All the data is securely stored in the cloud. It makes all the data more accessible, more usable and easier to share. Additionally, it is better in terms of data recovery. We use Amazon Web Services to store the data as we see it as the most optimal and secure solution.  
  • The possibility of sharing while streaming online. This application can work exceptionally well for the parents who can share videos and comment them jointly with other family members.
  • Non-stop full HD video streaming. We used Wowza streaming service to provide users with the best streaming quality.  It’s professional-grade streaming for any use case and any device. A huge plus of this app is that the number of users doesn’t ’ influence the quality of connection.
  • Сonnectivity/Compatibility with various devices. The app works on 4G on Android and iOS devices. All in all, it’s a video streaming platform that can be used for multiple purposes.
  • XR for comfortable visualization and analytics. Implementation of XR technologies into this live video streaming platform will give users the possibility to detect and track players, determining the speed of the passes, best movements and other useful parameters for coaches and parents.
  • Attractive and intuitive UI/UX is one of the features of MVPCast we are proud of as well. We’ve created unique design for MVPCast after conducting a serious UI/UX research on a potential target group. After all, good UI/UX is based on profound research.

As for the technological part, we used React Native, Wowza Streaming & Spring Boot to implement client’s ideas in life.

With MVPCast parents, players, coaches, and recruiters got the chance to actually enjoy watching a game at their convenience and squeeze the best out of it. Overlaying special highlights, for example, didn’t seem time-efficient earlier as people had spend days on it. With MVPCast, users can literally adorn any game streaming with the information they need in 15-20 minutes. This live video streaming platform is the the app that finally digitizes sports making it more accessible and  user-friendly for everyone.


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