Сomputer Vision technology is one of the most promising directions in AI that disrupts the operations in public sector, security, logistics, and military spheres significantly.

With the help of computer vision software, we can achieve valuable actionable information from raw data accumulated with the help of cameras or any other visual computing devices.  On the basis of hundreds of criteria defined by the customer, Computer Vision software can recognize, track, and classify objects with the incredible level of accuracy providing users with the accurate data and the ability to react to it instantly.

AI Business Case 2021

    Нow Drone Computer Vision Can Make UAVs More Powerful and More Effective?

    The goal of our team was to implement computer vision software in existing UAV called Def-C. It’s a tactical aircraft created for the military and logistics industries. With the powerful drive and high capacity lithium power batteries, Def C can cover long distances ( up to 200 km) and fly for 5 hours without stops.

    drone computer vision

    Softengi team intended to improve the existing UAV with Computer Vision making it more efficient and accurate in terms of objects detection, tracking & monitoring. Enhanced with Сomputer Vision software, Def C will be able to improve the security level of cargo escorting, a serious challenge for many companies. So drones powered with AI will be able to detect the object and track it for hours to prevent any intrusion or breakdown. This solution minimizes the risk of the human-made errors: the operator will have to only choose the object for tracking on the dashboard and follow it non-stop afterward.

    A Few Words About the Drone Computer Vision Project

    This computer vision software is created for UAV’s onboard plates which are installed on the drones. This option makes video processing possible even without the signal from the base.  Another advantage of Def-C powered with CV is the security of data. It’s all accumulated on the client’s premises so there is no chance of data breach.

    There are are two challenges that businesses face today that can be solved with Computer Vision technology. The first challenge is the amount of data generated daily, or, if to be precise, it’s the amount of unstructured data. The second challenge is the possibility to react to the data properly. With drones powered with computer vision, we get the chance to structure the visual data properly and react to it instantly in the most effective way.

    Final Words

    Сomputer Vision technology was created on the basis of Python and OpenCV.  

    The application of computer vision for drones are enormous: thermal control, emergency control, operational control, infrastructural objects monitoring, cargo escorting, planning, transmission lines inspection, crop monitoring.


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