The client is a European logistics company that decided to remain undisclosed, and we respect this right.

Character Recognition App: Challenges and Solutions

We created an Object Character Recognition app for iOS to help improve the time-consuming document workflow in logistics. And it had an almost instant result. The logistics experts using this app say this helps to increase the number of documents they fill in by four times.

Logistics is undergoing a major transformation today thanks to digitization. AI and IoT in logistics are changing the speed and efficiency of numerous business operations. Tracking transportation online, packing and checking cargo automatically, and filling in thousands of documents using Computer Vision with OCR. These seemingly little improvements reduce the risk of incidents & human-made errors, increase the efficiency of logistics processes, and save time. As we all know, time is money, yet for logistics experts, this is more than just a proverb; it’s a motto. 

Softengi created a mobile application with the possibility of object character recognition for logistics specialists that helped improve the operations and increase the number of documents processed four times, enhancing the general operational workflow of the company.

About the App

It’s a mobile application created based on Xamarin for document tracking. This mobile application is created for logistics specialists of all ranges, including drivers, managers, and warehouse workers. Each and every logistics specialist is assigned numerous tasks during the day and is obliged to fill in numerous documents to ensure a seamless operational workflow.

Multiple invoices, declarations, warehouse receipts – filling in all these documents wastes lots of time and increases the possibility of human-made errors. With the help of this mobile application enhanced with OCR, logistics specialists save time they usually waste on copying the information from handwritten documents. And they also have access to the whole database of the documents required for seamless logistics processes.

We used Azure Cognitive Services for the implementation of OCR  in our application as it is one of the most reliable and effective solutions on the market so far. Using AI services offered by Azure means using the most advanced tools, tested and improved by millions of users. 

Azure vs. AWS

Optical Text Recognition service is a revolutionary tool as it allows defining handwritten and hand-written text on the images and transforming the recognized words into computer-readable text. 

The demand for OCR software is growing because businesses realize its ultimate benefits in terms of efficiency and profit. And logistics specialists who fill in piles of documents to ensure the shipment is the first to benefit from OCR. 


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