Smart Home for Rental Property: IoT for Tenants & Landlords

Sustainable homes help to decrease the consumption of resources, provide tenants/landlords with safety and security, and allow them to save money. In ...

PZU Automated Electronic Life Insurance System Development

Driven by top technology, we structured the criteria and developed concepts of solutions. The automated electronic life insurance system is aimed to ...

Computer Vision Software for Drones in Utility Sector

Surveillance drones are becoming more common today. This reduces errors, is cost effective, improves accuracy and reduces workload. But drones are ...

IoT-Based Solution for COVID: Biometric Access Control

Social distancing control is a global challenge that can be easily solved with the help of technologies. Using IoT solutions for COVID, businesses ...

3D Building Models Are the Key to Success in the Architectural Business

We can confidently say that nobody is impressed with ordinary drawings, especially investors. We present you a 3D solution for the visualization of ...

IoT-Based Smart Space Solution

Collecting and analyzing data within the closed space, whether it’s a hospital, a financial institution, or a huge warehouse is challenging but not ...

Remote Assistance for the Manufacturing Equipment

Remote Assistance solution is not the screenshot from Iron Man. It's a modern digital tool that can improve the effectiveness of the equipment ...

IoT for Towers Monitoring in Telco Industry

The demand of IoT ecosystem gives us an opportunity to create a valuable asset consisting of things, data, processes, and people. We possess vast ...

3D Model of an Observer

Creating a high-poly Observer 3D model for final product presentation.

3D Model of the Observer Case Mobile Station

Find out about how Softengi created a 3D model of the Observer mobile case station.

3D Model XR for Hololens

Creating a 3D model for staff education using mechanism by Hololens.

3D Model of the Observer Mobile Transport System

Discover how Softengi created 3D visualization of the Observer Mobile Transport System.

Smart Door - An Application for Automated Door Unlocking

Softengi has created the Smart Door System - a solution providing automated door unlocking with the help of fingertip recognition application and ...

Smart Home Solution for Tenants & Landlords

Softengi has developed a Connected Digital Home - a tool that enables the integration of a smart home ecosystem with digital technologies for tenants ...

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