Softengi solves diverse digital issues in various business areas. Our regular partner, Def C develops hard and soft for the drone. Our joint efforts created a solution based on computer vision technology that collects, processes and stores data on a highly secure cloud. Also, AR-application was created with the possibility of representing the drone using only a phone. We want to share this particular project.

The purpose of creating an augmented reality application was to eliminate the complexity of the project presentation. Presentation problems were related to the object specification. A drone is not an ordinary household object, it is an aircraft that was created for military and logistic purposes. Many countries have certain restrictions on the importation of such samples. Also, the problem in the presentation was played by the size and cost of transportation of the object.

Considering all the above difficulties, we have made a decision to create an application that would not require the actual presence of a drone, but the presentation visibility remained at the same level.

First of all, it was necessary to recreate the high quality 3D model of the drone using the existing drawings. The first was created a high poly model for the final visualization and animation.

Then a mid-poly model with a normal map and PBR shaders were created for AR prototyping. The main feature of this application is the ability to inspect the drone in all the details from different angles without losing the real scale.

The application was generated for Android and IOS.

The prototype of the mobile app was created with React Native.


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