MIM, the oldest and the biggest MBA School in Ukraine, addressed Softengi with the intent to receive digital consulting services regarding the transformation of the school’s old web portal for scheduling and information.

The system MIM was using for scheduling could no longer meet the requirements of the staff: the number of students was growing, which affected the workload of the teachers as well. The amount of information for the teachers’ department was also growing, and the IT team needed to define how to make this information more accessible and more reliable for everyone.

At this point, Softengi started cooperating with MIM with the intent of building a reliable web portal application that could improve the operational workflow for MIM in a convenient form.

Employee Scheduling Software for the biggest MBA School in Ukraine
Scheduling System for the Biggest MBA School in Ukraine

What did MIM get as a result of the 3-month cooperation with the Softengi team?

  • An in-school smart scheduling and information system that met the requirements of the MIM team was the result of cooperation between Softengi and MIM. First, it is a unified list of teachers, rooms, programs, courses, and groups with the editing possibility and open access to the chosen list of participants. All the information is now structured smartly, carefully, and logically and thus can be accessed faster via text search;
  • Second, it is a secure system with authorized access from any part of the world. The validation of the data is automatic, which excludes the human factor at the stage of the data entry. The system prohibits last month’s updates; notifications are received by the admin system if the information is updated. Thus, the system is secure, which is absolutely important for the MBA school as they are obliged to guarantee the security of the information of all the students;
  • Finally, the system allows the creation of monthly workload and payroll reports automatically, which saves a lot of time for the team. These reports can also be exported to more suitable formats, such as Excel or HTML. Overall, it is a scheduling and information system that augments the work of the whole personnel of the biggest MBA business school, making it more accurate and error-free.

From a technical perspective, Softengi developed an open-source solution using JavaScript and PostgreSQL. The system was also updated with a secure survey system, which allows the collection of valuable information from the questionnaires.

The CIO of MIM, Roman Yaroshenko, marked that “The solution of employee scheduling software met the expectations of the internal team. Softengi establishes a smooth workflow to ensure effective communication between teams. The team is creative, hard-working, and professional.”

Most educational institutions, NGOs, and SMEs businesses that have an internal learning system benefit from the information systematization, which is why the demand for employee scheduling software as well as appointment scheduling software is on the rise.


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