IoT-powered Smart Drug Administration

IoT-powered drug administration presupposes that the intake of potentially addictive drugs is controlled with the help of technologies.

Lab Processes Orchestration for MicroTechnix

Creating lab automation and orchestration process for MicroTechnix we helped the company to reduce the operational time and reduce the number of ...

AI in Pharma: Defects Detection with Computer Vision

The traditional manufacturing process of drugs seems risky today: it involves the possibility of human-made errors and it is not cost-effective in ...

Power BI Services for a Lab Process Automation Company

Power BI is a powerful tool that translates data into value for a company empowering even non-technical specialists with the information helping them ...

Medical Chatbot for Preliminary Diagnosis

43% of people google their symptoms and misdiagnose themselves. With the medical chatbot created on the basis of a reliable database of symptoms from ...

Platform Development for a Biotech Company ADAM

Biotech industry is revolutionizing healthcare, and our cooperation with ADAM, one of the most promising American biotech startups, is another ...

AI in Healthcare: ML & CV for Bacteria Detection

Did you know that it is possible to identify and categorize bacteria with the help of AI? The results can be staggering: we've trained the model that ...

Telemedicine app. How we developed Uber for Medical Services

The leaders of any business, whether it is small, large or medium, obliged to pay impressive sums of money for employees' insurance. Yet, this top ...

E-Prescription Information System

Softengi developed an “ePrescription” Information System allowing to store prescriptions and other related records online and have them available at ...

Voice Controlled Checklist App

Voice Recognition Application can be used within any complex process to manage crucial situations and prevent unexpected outcomes.

Java Development of the System for Data Aggregation and Report Generation

Our team developed a threefold system for data aggregation, monitoring program activities, and report generation, at the level of Network ...

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