Zeppelin is an official dealer of the world-famous Caterpillar brand with over 17,000 employees and thousands of units of machinery spread out across seven CIS countries. The company is growing rapidly, and at a certain stage, it became necessary to find a way to optimize its business processes.


Several different incompatible accounting and inventory software programs were involved in processing customer and equipment-related tasks. Employees had to manually collect and cross-check information from various systems, which took a substantial amount of time. As a result, the company missed out on numerous opportunities for additional equipment sales, which, in turn, could have increased average cash flow and, correspondingly, could have led to the generation of higher profits.

Softengi’s task was to develop a software system that allowed a significant reduction in the average order processing time.


Our development process, based on the Agile methodology, provided Zeppelin with complete control over the projects’ progress and the ability to make necessary adjustments at any stage of the software development process. Thanks to this approach, the Softengi team was able to consider every characteristic of the client’s business processes.

The following technological solutions were used during the development process: Microsoft SharePoint, ASP.Net, MS SQL Server.

As a result, the Softengi team, furnished with a list of business requirements and a set of features expected by the client, developed a tailor-made solution, which led to an increase in the client’s profitability. The new system paid off after the first six months of usage.

More specifically, the Softengi solution decreased equipment maintenance costs, reduced employee workload, and increased the quality of services provided to customers, the numbers of which are growing constantly – as surely as the company’s profits are.


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