Softengi’s scope of expertise is not limited to the production field. We are also experts in UI/UX design and 3D modelling. A month ago we created an VR concept  that allows visiting the Louvre or the Metropolitan Museum, without leaving home. We created this VR tour for the German partner who wanted to expand the target audience. The ability to look at the environment, exploring each object separately in detail is one of the key features of VR tours. This is possible through the use of Virtual Reality Glasses.

The goal of this project was to create a 3D visualization of the environment for the MR application. Virtual tours are beneficial for both visitors and exhibitors. Visitors get the chance to visit the greatest galleries and museums of the world, which are situated on another continent for a hugely small fee. Cultural funds, in turn, have the opportunity not to worry about the safety of exhibits during transportation to the exhibition, as well as increase profits due to a large number of online visitors.

The development of visualization began with the creation of a high-poly model based on the drawings of the building,  with the help of Maya, 3D computer graphics application. Then our specialities draw textures and expose objects on their places.

After that, the scene was moved to the Unreal Engine for the development of VR prototype. Work with shaders and light was carried out directly in Unreal.

For the final visualization and the presentation Maya and Arnold, ray tracing 3D rendering application, were used by our 3D designers.


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