In today’s disruptive environment, where digital transformation gains significant attention and many tasks, processes, and procedures become automated, the public services are constantly being digitized, providing people with more flexibility, enhanced productivity, and greater satisfaction.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan approached Softengi to develop a Unified Electronic Registration System for Crimes and Offences. The E-crime system had to ensure a unified procedure for receiving, recording, and processing offences reports, incoming claims, individual complaints and other relevant information on crimes and incidents. 

With the Web Platform Solution for Crime and Offence Reporting, law enforcement institutions more efficiently perform crime application assessments, easily collaborate with external specialized authorities, and promptly get access to historical data storages if needed. The development was sponsored by Saferworld, an international organization for conflict prevention. 


    The Goals of the Web Platform Solution for Crime and Offence Reporting 

    The primary goal was to create a joint platform for the public and law enforcement agencies to collaborate, minimising the concealment of offence reports from being recorded. In essence, the idea was to digitalise the application process and its assessment, providing citizens with a simple and effective way to report offences. On the other hand, the solution has to offer an effective platform environment for law enforcement agencies to process incoming applications, store valuable data, and easily exchange information with specialized authorities. 

    The Goals of the Web Platform Solution for Crime and Offence Reporting:

    • Ensure a unified procedure for receiving, recording and reviewing applications, reports, complaints and other information on crimes and incidents 
    • Foster cooperation between the police and the public, minimizing the concealment of crime and offences reports 
    • Ensure the transparency of the application and decision-making procedures
    • Minimize the citizen’s efforts and time in submitting crime reports

    The Web Platform Solution for Crime and Offence Reporting

    Softengi developed a web portal solution, which is divided into two parts, one for the public to submit applications of crime and offences and the other one for law enforcement agencies to review allegations of crimes and offences that have been reported.

    Crime Registration System

    A public portal enables citizens of Tajikistan to directly report crimes and offences without any need to visit police stations or other specialised institutions. 

    The second part of the solution is a restricted information platform designed for employees of The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan. This solution allows officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to review incoming reports and determine whether or not a crime has been committed. 

    The Web Platform Solution for Crime and Offence Reporting: The Public Portal

    The public portal is a self-service platform, which allows the public to report a crime or submit a complaint regarding offences. Crime reports that can be filed online usually do not require an in-person police response, so it is more effective for both citizens and law enforcement employees to digitally undergo the process of application submission. 

    The portal allows all authorized users to submit an application as an individual or a legal entity. Users can also submit an anonymous application if necessary. The system respects all the rights and interests of the applicants, securing their identities and information they share. 

    The web platform solution for crime and offence reporting embeds an advanced ID validation system. The E-crime system authorizes users with cell numbers, contacting them to enable registration on the web platform. 

    The system stores all submitted applications, not allowing any submission to get lost. Afterwards, all applications are carefully considered by MIA employees. 

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    The Web Platform Solution for Crime and Offence Reporting: the Internal Portal 

    The internal portal is for employees only, non-authorised users cannot access it. On the portal, the users have access to all received applications. The database is structured and presented in a user-friendly way. 

    All data is backed up and the advanced security system prevents any data leakages and frauds. In addition, a built-in smart alert system notifies users if there are attention-grabbing keywords in applications, for instance, weapons, known criminals, etc. Moreover, if the deadlines of application consideration are violated, the system informs immediately, thereby ensuring that no claim will be missed. 

    The E-crime system provides an effective platform for collaboration with external specialized authorities. If necessary, employees The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan can easily and quickly contact the relevant law enforcement agencies to clarify any issues in a given situation or to quickly solve a problem together.

    The web platform solution for crime and offence reporting is an effective tool to structure and store valuable data, so the law enforcement agencies have always access to needed historical information to better manage crime cases and administrative offences.

    The portal was developed using the Agora content management system. Additionally, during the project, we performed Oracle database migration and integration with the Oracle Forms system.

    Benefits of the Web Platform Solution for Crime and Offence Reporting

    Benefits of E-Crime Solution

    Improved Collaboration

    Digitizing application lifecycle, the public and law enforcement agencies more effectively collaborate with each other, efficiently managing crimes and offences.

    Secured Data 

    The platform offers a secured data management, so the document flow and storage are protected from external security threats. 

    Decreased Time on Application Assessments

    Automating the process of application submission, responsible employees can more effectively assess crime and offences reports without wasting time being present in person to fill in the applications.  

    Enhanced Transperency

    The web platform solution for crime and offence reporting digitizes the whole process of application submission and assessment, providing better transparency over application processing. 



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