Warning: we don’t think that chatbot can substitute a visit to a doctor. A medical chatbot is an automatic symptom checker, not a qualified medical opinion, and any treatment must be confirmed with a healthcare service provider. Yet this medical chatbot can assist with a more accurate diagnosis of millions of googlers. 

43% of people google their symptoms before they visit a real doctor…and misdiagnose themselves, thinking they have a much more serious illness than they actually have. That’s a fact. We think that googling does not substitute professional consulting, but it could be much more effective in terms of diagnosis if people used medical chatbots.

We’ve created a medical chatbot that accumulates a whole database of symptoms, combines them with the biometric parameters, such as pressure and heart rate ( which are received via a smart band ) to provide multiple users with the more accurate preliminary diagnosis.

An AI chatbot uses Machine Learning algorithms with Natural Language Processing technology which can understand clinical concepts (risk factors and symptoms) efficiently, and what is more important, learn with more data to provide a more accurate preliminary diagnosis. Healthcare service provides a unique opportunity to make preliminary medical diagnostics from a patient’s health data (such as risk factors, symptoms, demographics, biometric parameters, or lab test results ).

This is how it works:

A Chatbot for Preliminary Medical Diagnosis


  • More accurate diagnosis thanks to the precise biometric results. At the moment, a smart band provides an AI with the heart rate and pressure data, but in the future, it is possible to extend the number of biometric parameters adding temperature, for example.
  • Historic analysis of the biometric data. Smart devices, such as fitness bracelets or smart bands, can take measurements within a long period of time, thus, they will be able to provide doctors with the precious historical data. Even a historical analysis of heart rate parameters will give a doctor a more reliable picture of the diagnostic situation.
  • Friendly conversation. This bot can ask patients about their health in a friendly manner and provide some preliminary diagnosis even before a visit to the doctor. For many users, the possibility to talk with someone about their symptoms reduces anxiety and serves as a natural antidepressant. 
  • Сhatbot is available in a web version which makes it easily available for older people. 
  • The fullest database of symptoms. We used a database of symptoms provided by Mayo Clinic as we found it to be a trustworthy and available source of the information. In reality, it is possible to use any database of symptoms created by any clinic. 
A Chatbot for Preliminary Medical Diagnosis

Technologies we used developing this chatbot:  BluetoothWebApi, PWA application (web/mobile), DialogFlow + Custom NodeJS + Infermedica API

We believe that AI in healthcare can optimize many processes and make the level of services more effective. AI can provide millions of users all over the world with the attention they need when they feel the first symptoms of any illness. 

AI medical chatbot can give a precise preliminary diagnosis on the basis of the database of symptoms created by real hospitals.

Once again, the medical chatbot will never substitute a visit to a doctor, but it can alleviate the work of healthcare service providers immensely by giving them more accurate information about the symptoms. 


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