AR Product Configurator

Augmented reality (AR) product configurator is a unique tool allowing customers to easily configure custom designs as well as update different product features, such as colour or texture in real-time. As a result, companies that deploy an AR configurator establish a more efficient visual and emotional connection with their audience. 

With an AR product configurator, users can position a virtual product model into the actual location, moving and rotating as necessary. This helps potential customers easily visualize a product before actually buying it.

AR Product Configurator Softengi


Here are several unquestionable benefits of AR Product Configurator

Fully interactive

AR product configurator allows to interactively configure, quote, and order a product.

Better User Experience

Configuring a product with visuals is much more attractive for customers than relying on textual materials as the AR configurator is more engaging, providing customers with a better and more effective user experience.

Increasing Sales

An interactive AR configurator is an innovative tool in providing extensive customization opportunities.

Some additional perks of using AR Product Configurator

  • Augmented reality in retail allows customers to “try before buying” products. For example, augmented reality for furniture is the ultimate way to see if the sofa fits in the interior design of the apartment. Or it’s equally easy to try on new cosmetics products or jewelry.

  • All products in all variations. An interactive configurator enables customers to «virtually» see, place, and configure a full-scale model in actual settings. Adjusting colors, parts, and materials, customers can experience multiple product variations and create «their own» product before making an actual purchase.

  • Development of prototypes an AR configurator is a tangible tool for prototypes development. It helps producers better simulate products in terms of volume, size, and distance, thus accelerating development, reducing production costs, and in the long run delivering a better product.

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