Digital Twin is an investment of any modern company.

Digital twin technology is the ultimate way to monitor, analyze, and optimize any asset or process with maximum efficiency for lower operation and maintenance costs. The possibility of simulation of various scenarios without investment in physical production is what attracts businesses. Forbes and Gartner agree that the majority of big companies have already implemented digital twins in their operations and observe significant costs reduction connected to that. Smaller companies should understand that digital twin technology is the most reasonable investment in the post-COVID world as it speeds up logistics, prototyping, management, sales & marketing, production processes.

Digital Twin of the Asset
Creating a digital twin of the asset, process, network or even facility the company invests in virtual simulation eliminating the need of physical prototyping and, thus, reduces costs significantly.
Digital Twin of the Process
Building a digital twin of the process companies can monitor and simulate various business processes, such as a supply chain or product prototyping, and spot problems before creating physical processes.
IoT Digital Twin of Facility
The digital twin of the facility helps to understand the usage, occupancy, and energy consumption patterns of any office or facility.

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Softengi has digital twin solutions for the following industries

Real Estate and Construction

Digital twin in real estate and construction will provide full visibility of any building or even city usage with the chance to simulate and predict numerous users’ patterns.


Using a digital twin in manufacturing businesses solve physical issues faster by detecting them sooner, predict outcomes to a much higher degree of accuracy, design and build better products, and, ultimately, better serve their customers.

Transportation & Logistics

Digital twin in the automotive industry is the chance to simulate the behavior of autonomous vehicles and to create the prototype of engines without investments in physical objects. 



Real-time monitoring


Data-driven insights


Tangible savings

Digital twins gained deserved popularity over the last couple of years simple because “remote sales, consulting, work has become habitual.

Digital twin use cases are all-encompassing and incredible. In reality, any object, system or process, can be visualized with the help of digital twins. For example, today it is possible to build a digital twin of a power plant! to track numerous security parameters in real-time and react accordingly.

Digital twins are built with the help of XR ( extended reality) technologies but can also be empowered with Internet of Things as well. Imagine a digital copy of the turbine which streamlines data received from sensors to anyone on the web or mobile application. 

Digital twin examples are numerous: Singapore is building a digital twin of the city.

Cases of Digital Twins


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