Digital Twins

Digital twin is a 100% accurate 3D replica of the piece of equipment created on the basis of CAD and CAM sketches. Though the majority of users still regard digital twins as a marketing solution mostly, it is much more than that. Digital twins help with products visualization and promotion, they can also be used for training of the employees. Digital twins can be demonstrated with the help of the most popular technological devices: tablets and smartphones. Alternatively, they can be viewed via HoloLens, a top-notch mixed reality device for visualization.

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Here are several indisputable benefits of digital twins for companies

Reduced maintenance time

Digital twins are utilized to accelerate the assembly process. Data accumulated during the digital twin utilization gives insights in fixing problems during maintenance.

Enhanced operating

Performance of the equipment can be predicted on the basis of the historical data collected during its utilization. Combined with the operating intelligence, this information can be decisive for the performance prediction.

Improved monitoring

Using digital twins, it’s easy to accumulate the most relevant data: historical data, KPI making predictions on its basis useful for the further design, build, and maintenance.

Some additional perks of using digital twins:

There is deep and ultra-precise reproduction of the object.Today, using CAD, CAM sketches we can create 100% accurate digital replicas of any piece of equipment paying attention to the smallest details.

Digital Twins technology is universal for using various gadgets. It’s possible to adapt a 3D model to AR application for mobile phones and tablets or MR application for HoloLens thanks to the identical code.

All digital twins are interactive. A user can examine a piece of equipment from all the angles, touch it and move some of its parts, he/she can listen to the equipment working!

A high degree of immersion in the process of work. Photorealism of the equipment and the ability to see it in a full size ( all the models can be scaled) contribute to the realistic perception and full immersion of the potential client into the process of exploration.

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