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Old school manuals are replaced with AR/MR manuals which are 100% visual and 100% interactive. Interactive manuals are created for mobile phones so a user can fix or deal with even the most complex equipment without contacting customer support. AR/MR technology allows creating a hologram of any complexity and size. Also, the language barrier is not a problem, all instructions are easily adapted to any language.

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Here are several unquestionable benefits of interactive manuals

Streamlining to exploitation

Customer needs just a phone/a tablet/ MR galsses with AR/MR-powered application to utilize the manual instruction.

Reducing costs

Interactive manuals are created for a mobile phones so a user can fix or deal with even the most complex equipment without contacting customer support.

Holding attention

The AR/MR-powered application allows expanding customer interaction with the product because new interactive technologies attract people. Thus, brand awareness and popularity will increase.

Some additional perks of using interactive manual:

Interactive manuals are easy to use and manage. Phone/glasses make it much easier to use, even with large and sophisticated equipment. The client will not experience negative emotions in relation to the brand, due to incomprehensible 500-page instructions. In the case of acute need, not even an expert can figure out with equipment.

With backend support could be easily updated with the latest info. It has no difficulty, because the platform on which the application is created is easily integrated with other systems. Updates run smoothly and without inconvenience to customers.

No interactions with the equipment. In the case of working with dangerous equipment, AR/MR technology reveals its full potential. With the help of AR/MR-manuals, the specialist interacts only with a hologram, in order to avoid emergencies.

Ability to examine the model of equipment from all sides during instruction. AR/MR technology enables previously impossible interaction with equipment. The client is able to consider all the equipment from different angles, regardless of its size and method of application. And then get detailed interactive instructions depending on what exactly he wants to do.

Independence from geographical location. Holograms can be used to project an instructor who is actually in a different country, and they can be instructing looking at the learners on his MR device. This opens up new opportunities for business expansion and training of its employees in foreign branches.

The interactive manual is an obvious future, the use of which expects all the equipment for both big business and manufacturing and for domestic use.

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