Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting is an intelligent system designed for remote light control. IoT devices, such as lamps and sensors, are connected using a secure Bluetooth protocol.

The Solution can reduce energy consumption as it automatically controls the intensity of lighting considering awareness of user movement. For example, light in spaces that are rarely used can automatically turn off.

About 15 percent of total energy consumption can be reduced through light control according to the user’s usage patterns. 

Creating modern IoT app design in IoT solutions, we are standing on modern trends of UI and UX to present users with the most simplistic and comfortable interactions with interfaces.

Smart Lighting Softengi


Several indisputable benefits of Smart Lighting.

Flexible and secure

Based on a .net core framework, suitable for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Cryptographic SSL protocol provides protected data exchange.

Wireless controlled

Lighting control is carried out wirelessly. Use a laptop or phone to manage light in one click. Using Bluetooth protocol makes data transfer safe and secure.

Energy efficient

Energy efficiency is achieved through the use of expedient devices’ control circuits, thus battery lasts for several years.

Some additional perks of using Smart Lighting:

•   Reduce operational expenses: automatic turning on and off the light, changing the brightness of lighting can significantly cut costs.

•   Sustainable consumption: due to the optimal use of modern devices, auto light switching off, rational energy consumption is achieved.

•   Boost personnel efficiency: researchers show cooler light makes employees more productive.

•   Сomfortable working environment: office should be lit by middle tones producing a friendly situation, but also cool-toned enough to keep staff motivated.

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