Secure Survey

Secure Survey solution is intended to provide conducting personalized or depersonalized surveys, management of depersonalized surveys that may be embedded in other screen forms and analysis and exporting of the survey data into the table formats.

The tool will be available for the registered users through the backend application (surveys management functions) or as embedded screen forms.

The main advantage of our solution is that survey data is safely stored on the client’s server. Thus, the risk of information leakage, hacking and data transfer to third parties is significantly reduced.

We developed a Smart Survey based on a JavaScript framework, consisting of inbuilt highly customizable models and components that enable the fast configuration of complex mission-critical business applications. Therefore we can accelerate app development by 5 to 10 times.

Secure Survey Softengi


The main benefits of this solution from Softengi.


Safety of compiling and sending out professional surveys.


Seamless integration with existing business process automation systems.


Collect data with diverse question types and analyze it.

The main benefits of Secure Survey from Softengi:

  • Create personalized surveys: the creation of personalized and depersonalized surveys in any department, with any design form.

  • Collect results: compile data to automate future decision making or make it data-based.

  • Analyze data: analyze data to improve forecast accuracy and a deep understanding of the answers.

  • Manage audience: manage users, their access rights, visibility of certain surveys for them.

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