The Softengi team is constantly on the lookout for original and useful projects that can make a difference for people worldwide. One of our clients – a British company that has been in the healthcare market for several years – approached us with a challenging mission of restoring and improving mental health by combining immersive VR technologies and wildlife. 

  1. Metaverse Mental Clinic: The Benefits
  2. Project Scope
  3. Key Challenges
  4. Metaverse Clinic Development Features
  5. Project Results
metaverse clinic

metaverse clinic

metaverse clinic

Metaverse Mental Clinic: The Benefits

Nature is believed to be one of the best non-drug methods of improving mental health, so the goal is to provide quick access to it. Calmness, joy, creativity, and concentration can be activated by the positive effects of interacting with nature. Lower stress, anxiety, and depression levels are also associated with connectedness to the natural world.

Numerous studies have revealed that experiencing nature facilitates working memory, stimulates attention, recovers focus, negates fear and stress, and stabilizes heart rhythm, blood pressure, and cortisol. Nature is also capable of evoking pleasant feelings in people facing too much social stress by activating specific brain regions, such as the amygdala.
For Softengi, working on a project that can positively affect other people’s mental health was both ambitious and significant.

Project Scope

The task we were given in the field of Data and E-Commerce Ecosystems+XR was to help the customer bring their development to a level that would help popularize this type of therapy among as many potential customers as possible. The project scope was the following:

  • Create a virtual mental welfare clinic by using immersive nature-based VR technology;
  • In the comfort of home, office or school, give visitors access to consulting psychologists in a calming and soothing environment;
  • Provide a seamless transition of visitors into various experiences in the African savanna, including birds, animals and wild nature;
  • Incorporate previous client’s applications; 
  • Add monetization.

Using XR technologies, the goal was to transfer users to the world of Virtual Reality in the African savanna. Throughout the session, users should be able to enjoy various corners of African nature, interacting with animals and wildlife. For a user to enjoy a new experience and improve mental health, all that’s needed are VR glasses and an open mind.

Key Challenges

Softengi developed a virtual clinic with interactive and non-interactive activities where visitors could schedule therapy sessions with medical experts and visit a VR chat in the metaverse to interact with the amazing nature and animals of the African savanna. One of the challenges was to create a comfortable lobby for visitors and doctors to interact, as well as serve as a starting point for other metaverse clinic areas and experiences.

Another challenge was integrating client applications that had already been developed into the metaverse that was fully customized based on project specifications. The results we achieved met the expectations of our client.  

Metaverse Clinic Development Features

Here are the most important technical aspects that we implemented while working on the mental well-being clinic in the metaverse:

  • VRChat was chosen as a technological platform for the future VR mental wellness clinic; 
  • A full development cycle on a turnkey basis was implemented since there are no analogues to such projects in the world yet;
  • Integration of the client’s previously developed VR applications into the metaverse clinic was performed; 
  • Using the Unity technology, a virtual lobby for visitors and medical experts to interact was designed and developed from scratch;
  • Monetization options were added.

Project Results

Our client is very satisfied with the Mental Well-Being Clinic MVP so far. We are very excited to have entered the final stage of development. The Softengi team is looking forward to announcing the completion of its first metaverse project within such a crucial area of our lives as psychological health. 

“We are fortunate to enjoy a high level of commitment and technical expertise. Really appreciate Softengi’s partnership and effort. Through countless challenges, the team demonstrated flexibility, patience and accountability. The way how our mental clinic’s VR lobby has been executed deserves commendation!” – Virryhealth

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