Digital Twin

Digital Twin is an IoT solution, helping to create in-depth models of physical entities. 

By uniting the material and digital world, data is transferred seamlessly allowing the virtual object to exist simultaneously with the material one. The connection between digital and material devices (or spaces) is gained by generating real-time data using IoT sensors.

Likewise, Digital Twin allows to simulate and test the equipment that enables to reduce the development costs by well over 50%.

Developing modern IoT app design in IoT solutions, we are standing on modern trends of UI and UX to present users with the most simplistic and comfortable interactions with interfaces.

We create projects using Azure IoT, which has a full range of security capabilities that allows you to create proactive security policies and respond quickly to potential threats. It ensures IoT security from hacking.

Digital Twin Softengi


Here are several indisputable benefits of Digital Twins.

Absolute accuracy

The Digital Twin is a 100% accurate digital copy of any piece of equipment with the recreation of the smallest details.

Interactive technology

A user can explore equipment from all angles, interact with its elements, and even listen to how it works.

Remote control

Considering a digital copy of the device, you can control the entire production line without leaving your office.

Some additional perks of using Digital Twins:

•    Convenience: available on tablets, smartphones, and MR glasses, such as HoloLens. Show a digital twin anywhere and anytime.

•    Effective sales: send a digital twin to a potential buyer who can explore it in a common environment.

•    Cost reduction: the costs for logistics of the equipment is higher compared to the price of a digital twin.

•    Remote control: real-time management using a piece of equipment in manufacturing without leaving the office.


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