Farm Task Management Gamification

Let us consider what the advantages of logistic gamification are. We designed an intelligent software Solution for running farm tasks for numbers of farm managers. It consists of a mobile app with an intuitive UI and a complete server-side backend that integrates farm management with GPS tracking and ERP system.

The pilot implementation of the Solution showed a 25% reduction of administrative costs and a notable increase in fieldwork quality. Secondly, it showed the problem of low user engagement and insufficient working literacy.

We suggested using popular gamification mechanics such as a reward system and recognition to make employers involve and educate properly. This Solution is provided as a packaged one, which incorporates game scenarios adapted to the client’s business needs and equipped with the professional, visually-rich materials.

Creating modern app design, we are standing on modern trends of UI and UX to present users with the most simplistic and comfortable interactions with interfaces.

Softengi develops projects using Azure/AWS IoT, which has a full range of security capabilities that allows you to create proactive security policies and respond quickly to potential threats. Moreover, Solution provides security and speed in working with content both within the business and with external clients.

Farm Task Management Gamification Softengi


Several indisputable benefits of Farm task management gamification

Engage farm managers

A mobile app with gamification mechanics allowed to involve more than 300 farm managers and agronomists.

Decrease costs

The pilot implementation of the Solution showed a 25% decrease in administrative costs.

Increase fieldwork results

The Solution caused a significant increase in the quality of fieldwork, which led to an increase in productivity by 10%.

Make employers involve: thanks to gamification, involve employees not only in the performance of duties but also in the active management of tasks.

Educate properly:  the use of visual materials greatly improves memorization required for appropriate employee training.

Game scenarios adapted to the client’s business needs: thanks to the flexibility of the system, you can customize scripts that exactly match your business processes.

Equipping with visually-rich material: visual materials not only increase the involvement of employees but also enhance their skills.

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