Smart Office

Smart Office is created to manage the communication between the environment and its users and simplify the way people work and communicate.

Since the Smart Office uses IoT sensors, collecting data and optimizing resource intake can reduce consumption energy by 25 percent and water by 11 percent.

For instance, Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU) has added smart building features such as lighting sensors, smart plugs, and other technologies, lowering energy usage by 26 percent. 

Creating the IoT app design, we are standing on modern trends of UI and UX to present users with the most simplistic and comfortable interactions with interfaces. We develop projects using Azure IoT and AWS IoT, which has a full range of security capabilities that allows you to create proactive security policies and respond quickly to potential threats. It ensures IoT security from hacking.

Smart Office Softengi


Several indisputable benefits of Smart Office.

Improving productivity levels

Professional goals will be achieved quicker and more precisely due to suitable conditions for concentrated work.

Reducing operational expenses

Use IoT devices to control lighting, air-conditioning, and other energy-consuming systems so that when space is free, energy is not wasted.

Decreasing capital spendings

Due to the implementation of IoT projects, there is a reduction in capital costs: through the sustainable consumption of resources and recycling.

Some additional perks of using Smart Office:

•  Increase convenience: if employees can control temperature and humidity in one touch, they have the opportunity to create comfortable working conditions.

•  Boost staff efficiency: many small secondary routines might be automated thus personnel can focus on core responsibilities.

•  Gain security: some IoT devices, such as cameras are notably useful for ensuring the security of the facility.

•  Reduce administrative corruption: cameras and Wi-Fi connected sensors increases the transparency of performance and reduces venal practices.

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