Telemedicine App for Remote Consulting: Web and Mobile Versions

A telemedicine solution is basically a database of medical specialists with the ability to use many filters for choosing a relevant specialist that can consult patients in a mobile/web application in a chat, video or audio call.

A simple and user-friendly interface of a telemedicine solution is one of the conditions of its popularity among millions of healthcare institutions. After all, a telehealth app must be easy to install and intuitive to navigate.

Our telemedicine solution presupposes that the session can be conducted between two or more subscribers as there is a possibility of the multipoint mode, in the case when there is a need for consultation of several various specialists.


Telemedicine App for Remote Consulting: Web and Mobile Versions Softengi

Benefits of Telehealth Apps

The benefits of integrating telemedicine in a healthcare system are undisputable.

Telemedicine apps is the ultimate comfort for millions of patients

Using telemedicine solutions patients can get a professional consulting from any place of the world at any time.

Medical record preservation

All the consulting sessions can be recorder and preserved in a EHR.

Certified speciaalists only

Telemedicine app presupposes the utilization of the database of certified health professionals only.

Softengi developed a telemedicine solution to help millions of clients to receive a professional consulting remotely. 

This telemedicine solution could be reached via mobile or web application and therefore is available to millions of patients.

Needless to say, that telemedicine app development is an investment in the digitalization of the whole healthcare system as telehealth apps are cost-effective and reduce the workload of doctors and insurance companies immensely.

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