AR UI for Business Apps

Augmented reality has introduced a new way of information interaction that ultimately helps to address business requirements better. In essence, augmented reality (AR) refers to a blend of the virtual and physical spaces with real-world elements. AR technology augments the real world with the digital content in the form of sound, video, graphics, etc to render immersive experience. With AR UI, users are able to interact with overlaid objects and acquire information about the surrounding world. 

According to ABI Research, by 2022 total AR global market revenues for the energy and utility sector will reach US$18 billion. 

AR UI for Business Apps Softengi


Here are several unquestionable benefits of AR UI for Business Apps

Enhanced Product Interactivity

The ability of AR technology to complement the real world with digital information allows users virtually to interact with overlaid objects.

Better User Experience

AR-powered technologies provide users with engaging experience of the augmented world.

Extend users reach

The technology is new, unique and noticeable, which allows enthusing app’s audience while generating new users.

Some additional perks of AR UI for Business Apps:

  • Minimizing interaction costs. The AR UI is mostly noncommand so that tasks are accomplished by using contextual information collected by the app system alone. As a result, interaction with the app is much easier, requiring little user effort. 
  • Reducing cognitive load. As the AR mechanics requires no specific commands and all data appear automatically, users do not need to memorize mechanic actions to interact with an AR app. This allows limiting the occurrence of situations when users have to strain their brain, thus reducing the cognitive load imposed by a user interface. 
  • Minimizing attention switching. With a well-designed AR UI, users get information only from one source, they do not have to use external systems and different screens in order to retrieve additional information. With the AR UI using multiple sources of information, user attention is not distracted in order to control several applications.

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