Agriculture Machinery Tracking

It is generally agreed today that the use of IoT-sensors and devices allows you to collect data on the basis of which you can both monitor the condition of the equipment in real-time and predict certain events (for example, the probability of failure of machinery units).

Thus, we created a Solution designed to monitor not only the location and movement of machinery but also its technical condition of using predictive maintenance. 

Existing studies show a predictive maintenance method for agricultural machines that predicts future defects of a machine’s components, based on data-driven analysis, predicts damaged parts with a mean accuracy of 86.34%.

We use modern sensors, as well as an intelligent cloud system to display data.

Softengi develops projects using Azure/AWS IoT, which has a full range of security capabilities that allows you to create proactive security policies and respond quickly to potential threats. It ensures IoT security from hacking.

Agriculture Machinery Tracking Softengi


Several indisputable benefits of Agriculture machinery tracking

Machine location tracking

Tracking the position of the machinery in real-time thanks to the GPS tracker.

Predictive maintenance

Thanks to data analysis, service the machines before a breakdown occurs.

Machine condition monitoring

Using IoT-sensors, monitor the state of the machine in real-time and make predictions for the future.

Create maintenance schedules for all machines based on engine hours or total fuel consumed to ensure they are properly maintained.

Maintain and ready each machine correctly for activity during critical periods of the year.

Find any machine rapidly across large plots of land with real-time GPS tracking as it leverages locating information from multiple satellite systems.

Never lose view of the status and location of every off-site machine.

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