AR/MR Remote Assistant

We offer you a technology that simplifies the interaction of the user and the equipment significantly and accelerates the introduction of the innovations exponentially. AR/MR Remote Assistant awaits a great future, because of the risk reduction for workers. This solution fits different business categories like manufacturing, mining, marketing, and so on, thanks to its flexibility.


Here are several unquestionable benefits of interactive manuals

Reduction in the cost

Now there is no need to spend a huge amount of money and time searching for highly specialised personnel. The specialist will be able to learn the specifics of work in a short time.

Decrease of the production downtime

Due to the detection of possible equipment damage, timely on-site repair will be possible. Productivity will not suffer from sudden production stops.

Distance learning

Remote practical training of staff will be possible without the cost of expensive and voluminous equipment. It also reduces spending on numerous business trips of specialists.

Some additional perks of using AR/MR Remote Assistant:

• The real online help of specialists is much more valuable than complicated and incomprehensible instructions. AR/MR Remote Assistant allows technicians and the industry experts to create an incredibly effective tandem using top-notch technology.

• A quick solution to the problem without additional costs. Previously, any complex and non-systematic damage required time, and, most importantly, a team of specialists on site to solve it. Now, due to AR/MR Remote Assistant, any time-consuming and multi-level tasks will be solved by one specialist in a short period of time. Problems that required business trips yesterday can be solved with the help of top-notch technologies today.

• Technology has a quite wide range of use. Solutions created on the basis of AR/MR Remote Assistant technology are widely used in various business and manufacturing sectors. The possibilities of implementing this technology can vary according to numerous customer criteria.

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