Smart Home

Smart Home is an IoT solution designed to connect things at any time, any place for any need.

It is developed to collect valuable consumption information and recognize usage patterns, make resource consumption more cost-effective, reduce utility services expenses to 50%. The set of sensors accumulates the critical data in real-time: it allows responding to this data instantly. In other words, users receive the data that provides them with actionable insights. 

Making the IoT app design, we are standing on modern trends of UI and UX to present users with the most simplistic and comfortable interactions with interfaces. We develop projects using Azure IoT and AWS IoT, which has a full range of security capabilities that allows you to create proactive security policies and respond quickly to potential threats. It ensures IoT security from hacking.

Smart Home Softengi


Several indisputable benefits of Smart Home.

Positive health impact

Decreased light in the evening, brighter light in the morning, altered air settings has a positive effect on health and wellbeing.

Reduced utility services expenses

Analysis and changes of indicators such as water use, heating temperature, type of air conditioning can significantly reduce costs.

Effective resource consumption

Sensors can turn off electrical appliances when they are not in use, eliminating energy leakage caused by “downtime” of devices.

Some additional perks of using Smart Home:

Collect information about consumption: it gives an opportunity to accurately predict user actions and forestall them.

Reduce capital spending: turning off the light, optimizing the air conditioning, lowering the heating temperature significantly reduces utility costs.

Recognize usage patterns: sensors can accurately predict user actions and accelerate decision making.

Optimize resource usage: turning off the light when people leave the room can significantly reduce energy consumption.

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