AGORA is a set of tools and solutions based on open-source components for building enterprise-level products for financial/insurance companies, educational institutions, public institutions, NGOs. Using Agora businesses and public organizations go paperless, and make communication and collaboration much more faster and effective.

  • With Agora, companies can speed up the development of the most popular applications by 50% compared to the from-scratch development.
  • The price of development will also be lower in comparison to “from the box solution.”

Content Services Platform AGORA. 3 successful business cases

    Content Management Module

    A set of layouts and templates enables easy and intuitive content management for users. Clients are provided with the possibility to edit existing templates and create new ones, control the availability of templates for one portal or for all connected portals. Any template can be adapted for specific tasks, considering the peculiarities of markup, elements behavior, or portal content.

    • Record management system module
    • Document management software function
    • Document classifier

    Record management software ( or RMS system software) combines with an electronic document management systems is the best solution for effective data storage in any SME, enterprise, or public institution.

    Employee Service Management Module

    Agora has a functionality of custom HR software and makes the following operations more efficient:

    • Employee service/data management
    • Budget management
    • Position management
    • Payroll management
    • Recruitment and personnel selection
    • Accounting for working hours
    • Scheduling software functionality for education institutions

    Custom software for HR management is the best approach to building strong and realiable team.

    Financial Operations Management Module

    • Contract lifecycle management software
    • Insurance claims processing and automation
    • Procurement processes management

    People & Citizens Management Module

    • Web portal management solution for secure public access to any system
    • Receiving and managing information and service requests from citizens

    People and citizen management module is based on web portal solution which pressupposes secure access of millions of users outside the organization to the system without entering the inside of the system.

    Land & Permitting Management Module

    • Automation of workflows associated with building, planning, permitting, and other land management activities.

    Additional Features

    • Search module on the basis of Elastic Search which permits sorting information quickly
    • Survey Module on the basis of Survey.js for secure data collection
    • Forms module on the basis of
    • Analytics dashboard builder
    • Geospatial CMS module

    AGORA unites the best of both worlds: custom software development outsourcing and a SaaS approach combining it with low-code functionality. It is a unique low-code solution because it offers clients the possibility to assemble a custom system from a variety of elements and develop it much faster. We created AGORA in response to numerous requests from our clients who are familiar with the low-code development trends.

    Finance and Insurance
    Finance & Insurance companies can automate their core processes using the low-code solution Agora
    NGO & Education Institutions
    Both NGOs and Education institutions are supposed to provide users with lots of information and take care of numerous requests.
    Public Institutions
    Going paperless is one of the major goals of public institutions and Agora is perfect for this purpose.

    Cases of Content Services Platform AGORA


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