Sensors-based Tank Monitoring

The IoT sensors equipped on oil tanks monitor real-time hardware performance and inventory levels, feeding cloud platforms with real-time data about the current situation. In the Oil&Gas industry, the IoT sensors manage inventory levels of oil tanks, automatically dispatching trucks when the tanks have to be emptied. Moreover, IoT technology is able to monitor above-ground pumps and their performance, alerting in case of potential issues, thereby providing employees with early signs of possible safety problems.

Sensors-based Tank Monitoring Softengi


Several indisputable benefits of sensor-based Tank Monitoring

Effective tank level monitoring and control

IoT provides informative insights into tank levels and eliminates the need for dispatching employees to the site.

Reduced Costs

With sensors-based tank monitoring, companies can reduce costs by saving fuel expenses while preventing overfills and production downtime.

Operational Efficiency

Automating monitoring of inventory levels of onshore oil tanks allows companies to boost performances and enhance operational productivity.

Some additional perks of using Smart Lighting:

  • Production Planning: IoT Tank Monitoring allows to plan production more efficiently, maintaining optimum tank levels, reducing emergency deliveries, as well as increasing delivery/pick-up quantities.
  • Leak Detection: Specific IoT sensors can promptly detect a leakage or any other failure, sending warning notifications to supervisors.
  • Prompt Notifications and Smart Visualization: The IoT system provides real-time notifications as well as smart data visualization of assets and their performances.

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