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UI/UX is the most important part of development. No joking. It's actually what connects the technology with the actual user. And let us be honest, it's the perception of the user that defines it all. A client who opens your website/ a mobile app/ a custom CRM, etc. makes a decision about it on the basis of UI/UX in the first several seconds.

We at Softengi believe that UI/UX research is the most important part of development because UI/UX connects users with apps. Take a look at our portfolio before learning more about our expertise:

  • To actually meet the needs of customers UI/UX must start from the thorough research of the needs of the target audience. It’s a unique opportunity to make the user the core persona of the design process. We use the most up-to-date UI/UX methodologies to conduct design research.
  • UI/UX outsourcing is a real investment for many companies today because it allows saving time of the ore team for the most important part – creativity.
  • User interface design. We understand the value of a unique interface and icons as well as the value of selecting a color palette. Creating UI kits, designing components, and fine line detailing of all elements, we think about the end-user in the first turn.
  • Design for Mobile Platforms (iOS, Android). Creating designs for mobile platforms (smartphones, tablets, wearables) taking into account the guidelines and specifications of operating systems.
  • Web Design. Designing web services, websites, web portals are our core expertise and we have accumulated experience in this field. We are also experienced in web service design transformation to fit mobile operating systems (Native, Hybrid Development).
  • Branding identity. We have a huge experience in creating logos, corporate identity, selection of color palettes, and fonts for companies.
  • Usability Testing is an integral part of design process. We test the design and the solution on target users for any possible problems detection and rectification.
  • We can proudly boast our 3D modeling portfolio as we are the experts in the creation of high-poly/low-poly 3D models, 3D modeling for games, presentations, catalogs, 3D modeling services for 3D Printing, 3D walkthroughs, architectural visualization, product modeling as well as 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, retopology, compositing





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