Emission Tracking System

Many environmental regulatory authorities around the world require many asset-intense companies to keep track of pollutant emission rates. Advanced Emission Tracking systems are designed to constantly monitor day-to-day environmental performance and measure particulate matter concentration or emission rate of specific pollutants. As a result, companies can reduce the greenhouse emissions, mitigate risks associated with climate change, as well as  create value for customers, investors, and employees.

Emission Tracking System Softengi


Here are several indisputable benefits of Emission Tracking System


By identifying and quantifying emissions, companies can determine excessive energy usage or other inefficiencies, therefore reducing costs.


The emission tracking system collects and analyzes real-time data, reporting on environmental impact, thereby ensuring visibility around company environmental performance.


Transparency over emissions is increasingly required by modern society that most enterprises disclose their footprint. With the Emission Tracking System, companies can provide better transparency into emission performance, which is of great importance in today's world.

Other Perks of using Emission Tracking System:

  • Emissions Data Visualization: Emission Tracking System gazers, tracks, measures, and reports emissions data from multiple sources. The system tracks consumption and calculates the associated carbon emissions applying recognized international standards. The system constantly analyzes real-time data and provides executives with accurate reports. Moreover, the system offers a smart dashboard, where the data is visualized and constantly updated.
  • AI Emission Tracking System: In the next five years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is forecast to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, by 16%. Embedding AI into the emission tracking software allows the system to predict potential emissions for levels from one hour to up to two days ahead.

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