Pipeline Asset Management

Pipeline leakages can cause tremendous consequences on the environment, thereby threatening worker and public safety. According to a 2018 research, in the US alone, liquid pipeline accidents cost a staggering $326 million annually. $140 million of this is attributed to environmental and remediation costs. 

IoT-based monitoring sensors on pipelines allows to track the health of oil and gas conveyances. Pipeline Asset Management involves predictive asset management, asset risk management, and asset management planning. An IoT system can identify pipeline leakages and occurred damages remotely, promptly notifying system users. Moreover, by analyzing real-time data, an IoT software puts out patterns that signal approaching abnormal events, allowing midstream companies to act proactively. 


Pipeline Asset Management Softengi


Several indisputable benefits of Pipeline Asset Management

Enhanced Efficiency

IoT systems automate asset management of pipelines, thereby increasing companies' performance efficiency.

Reduced Costs

A pipeline asset system measures and monitors equipment status and production data, augmented by a workforce with real-time information. Therefore, companies can decrease expenses on providing technical specialists to remote sites for pipeline maintenance or to check the status of pipelines.

Pipeline Safety

IoT pipeline management systems can efficiently monitor pipeline rectifiers, prevent corrosion, reduce leakages, and lengthen pipelines' lives.

Some additional perks of using Pipeline Asset Management:

  • Alarms and real-time notifications: Real-time notifications allows companies to be constantly aware of a pipeline state, its performance, and issues. In case of leakage or any other failure the system will immediately notify its users.
  • Pipeline leaks detection: The IoT system can promptly detect any leaks that occurs within the pipeline. By monitoring every meter of the pipeline, alerts are immediately sent to the supervisors, allowing them promptly shut down, thereby eliminating severe consequences.
  • Remote-area pipeline monitoring: Embedding pipelines with IoT sensors, users can monitor and maintain even the farthest parts of pipelines.

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