Project Description and Challenges of a No-Code Application

The Softengi team was involved in implementing a mobile app development platform that enables non-programmers from different organizations to design, develop, and test custom mobile as well as web apps running on a range of devices without any coding.

Today’s topic is a No-code Application Builder. The platform is similar to the solutions offered by market leaders such as IBM MobileFirst™ and SAP Mobile Platform.

Our primary tasks were to:

  • Support the visual representation of the created app in the browser;
  • Support the mobile version of the app.

We also had to:

  • Ensure simultaneous interaction with both mobile and web apps;
  • Make both versions able to accept the changed data;
  • Design UI/UX for the visual representation of the web app.

The customer provided us with the ready-made API. So, our development team had to adjust itself to the created solution and make improvements.

No-code Application Softengi


To support the visual representation of the created app in the browser, we used a single-page application pattern. Our team also developed several UI/UX solutions, coordinated them with both customers and harmonized them with the mobile version of the app.

The eventually developed platform is a sort of a no-code mobile, as well as a web app builder. No-code Application has the following features:

  • Possibility to build several different apps for different purposes based on similar approaches and appearance of forms;
  • Customization of color palettes for each individual app;
  • Ability to create multiple forms of the app with a specifically set workflow (to walk through the business processes and initiate actions, like sending notifications, submitting information, generating PDFs, etc.);
  • Apps built can accept new data or use a dataset predefined in the builder;
  • Ability to choose a set of fields to be included in the form, e.g., Text (Single Line), Paragraph, Number, Time/Date, Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, On/Off Switch, Description Area, Calculated Field, Camera, Section combining several fields, Signature, Itemizer, Draw Annotation, Location Capture, or Bar Code;
  • All fields selected by the user in the app builder are displayed to the end user as a mobile app or a web app.

Advantages of the No-Code Application Platform

  • Both mobile (iOS, Android) and web apps are built simultaneously;
  • No coding is required at all;
  • App testing and deployment are managed in just several clicks.


No-code Application Builder automates any routine processes and can be easily managed by non-technical administrators. Apps built with this solution can be used for a variety of business purposes in many industries including but not limited to:

  • Healthcare;
  • Transportation;
  • Energy;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Government Services;
  • Sales & Marketing.

* The client and solution names are under a non-disclosure agreement.


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