Softengi took part in development of the document flow system – DEALS. It is an online service for exchanging, approving and signing documents. As a workflow system DEALS makes document management simple and easy.  


Among others, the main task of Softengi’s team was the development and implementation of DEALS design.

Our designers undertook the following requirements:

  1. Create a unique and user-friendly design for the web version of the system.
  2. Develop a mobile UI and UX design for the App.
  3. Build an efficient and responsive landing page for the system.


Our project team had to meet and overcome a number of substantial challenges.

  • To build an easy-to-use design for complex and multifunctional workflow system.
  • To arrange effective cooperation with the team of developers for the purpose of corresponding design implementation in the phase of system development.
  • To create an adaptive design, so all icons would be properly displayed on the mobile interface, tablet, etc.

Our Solution

Our highly-professional team has managed to develop a comprehensive workflow system, allowing signing, downloading, approving and storing documents. In the part of design creation, we have succeeded to build a convenient and easy-to-use interface of the web portal and Application. Indeed, we developed and launched DEALS website in the format of a landing page. Thus, we prompted achieving not only functional, but also marketing goals.

Deals. Comprehensive Document Flow System

Advantages and Benefits of Deals

DEALS makes the document flow process far more simplified and streamlined.

Deals exponentially reduces the time needed for preparation and approval of documents.

The system provides secure access to documents storage 24/7.


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