Intecracy Group, an international IT-consortium, requested a multifunctional document management system, which could effectively manage business-critical documents. Softengi on par with other consortium’s development teams has introduced a DocNet Document Management System, an Enterprise Content Management solution, which supports the full life cycle of document management and business process automation in any organization.

The Principal Goals of the DocNet Project:

  • Transparency, manageability, and operational efficiency
  • Reduction of paper document dependency 
  • Enhancement of business operations 
  • Automation of document creation, storage, and management processes.


The DocNet Document Management System is based on UnityBase aPaaS. This platform was the choice due to its velocity (up to 15,000 RPS by a single application server), web-orientation, three-tier architecture, use of JavaScript for both backend and frontend, PostgreSQL support, as well as availability of a rich Single-Page Application (SPA) web-client.

DocNet Document Management System Softengi


The DocNet system offers:

  • High production performance level (5,000 concurrent users, 100,000 documents per month, and 10 TB storage on a single low-end server);
  • Linear scalability;
  • Stable work over low-bandwidth communication channels;
  • Information protected from unauthorized interference.


The system is feature- and function-rich. It covers all document life cycle stages from first drafts to archival storage. 

Retrieval of documents regardless of device and location

The document management system is a web-based application that can be access by any authorized user regardless of location. Moreover, DocNet supports both web and mobile applications, operating on iOS as well as Android. 

Document Management 

The system allows to scan, store, recognize (incl. auto-recognition and auto-filling of attributes by the recognized text), as well as print out incoming documents and client requests. The system also stores the history of the submitted questions and comments in users’ personal cards.

Collaborative Document Management

The DocNet digital archive is a single storage system, which provides secured and prompt access to all enterprise data and documents, regardless of users’ location. The DocNet archive can be integrated with various enterprise information systems (ERP, CRM, ECM, etc.), allowing to access and modify a single document by multiple users. Moreover, the document system provides auto-conversion for different file formats as well as the auto-categorization of information to classify and store a document, thereby facilitating easier and faster searches.

Document Creation and Signature Verification

DocNet allows users to prepare, reconcile, and allocate internal and external  documents within one platform. Moreover, the document management system provides a storage of digitally signed documents and validation of E-signature (EML, XML, PDF).

Offline Management

With DocNet users can access and edit enterprise documents offline. The document management software will recognize the document changes and synchronize them in the archive once you are back online.

Accounting Document Management

DocNet includes a subsystem for accounting and organizational operations that supports user replacements, hierarchy, history, etc. The system allows to electronically manage invoices and accounts payable documents to improve the accuracy of accounting and operational processes. In addition, the DocNet system automatically notifies users about changes to documents. 

The document management system offers many other functions, including the contract registration, control of performance discipline, attributive and full-text search, report generation, expedition, as well as the paper archive accounting.


DocNet, a Document Management System, is a comprehensive solution that allows companies to efficiently store various documents: Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, and scanned images within a single platform. With DocNet, Intecracy Group is now able to easily process and store business-critical documents, making them accessible at any point throughout the document lifecycle.


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