Softengi became a Technology Development Partner for AZIOT – a connected digital platform for the living environment. This is essentially an IoT solution for tenants and landlords united under the term smart home.

Smart Home solution AZIOT is functioning today after being installed in apartments in Kyiv.

We were asked to create a digital service capable of managing any process that is happening at home: from water leak prevention to security control. So we created AZIOT hub, the platform that controls the environment with the help of sensors, prevents problematic situations like leaks, and helps to consume energy efficiently.

IoT Smart Home Solution Functions

Here are several important goals we aimed to achieve in creating AZIOT:

  • Transfer the whole home ecosystem completely into the digital environment;
  • Provide tenants and landlords with the fullest information on the environment using sensors (C02, temperature, humidity);
  • Control energy consumption in an intelligent way using smart meters;
  • Get a historical overview of energy consumption for insights and optimization;
  • Prevent accidents, such as leaks, by blocking water inside the house.
IoT for Landlords & Tenants: Smart Home AZIOT

What’s the Goal of an IoT-Powered Smart Home?

Let tenants and landlords have all critical information about the home at any time from any place. From now on, all meter displays, temperature levels, and gadget statuses are in the smartphone.  


Managing home activities via an App requires previous digital integration of all home infrastructures. How do we bring together various equipment and gadgets in the apartment with the developed application in order to allow the whole system to work correctly?

IoT-Powered Smart Home Solution

The Softengi team has developed a Connected Digital Home – platform, taking under control all elements of the living environment: utilities, climate, ecology, safety, noise, and comfort. Open an Aziot Home App on your smartphone, choose the necessary option (pay water bills, switch on the air conditioner, calculate electricity costs, etc.), and observe its execution.

Aziot HOME App Softengi

Don’t be afraid to forget or omit something – Aziot is “smart” enough to resolve critical situations. Due to using artificial intelligence in its development, Aziot can take necessary steps on its own – shut the water off in case of leaking or switch the power off if you forgot to unplug the iron.

Our biggest source of pride is the ability of the Aziot application to integrate with the home equipment from various providers. You don’t have to buy a specific connector to activate the entire system.

Aziot HOME App Softengi

Benefits Everyone Could Get with Aziot

Due to Aziot Home development, our team succeeded in providing value not only for the occupant but also for a property developer, a landlord, and a management company.

Aziot HOME Softengi


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