Augmented Reality Product Configurators for Off- and Online Business

Most of international corporations such as Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, and Timberland vigorously harness Augmented Reality (AR) product configurators to reach their online and offline customers worldwide. Learn more about AR Configurators and their potential in your industry.

AR/VR Transforming the Utility Industry

The world is continuously moving forward and businesses that don’t keep on track will not be in demand in the future. Today, as never before, it is very important to digitally optimize company business. As we see from global business experience most of the utility companies that implemented AR/VR solutions got a great boost for their business.

WebXR: Using Extended Reality as A Web Solution

Most companies’ executives are pushing for alternative solutions on a massive scale. One of the major cutting-edge trends is WebXR. With advancing web capabilities, users do not need anymore to download extra apps to explore Extended Reality. WebXR is an effective tool that helps to engage current customers and generate new ones.

Augmented Reality Retail: 10 Ways to Innovate the Retail Business

The outbreak of coronavirus hit the retail industry, forcing many stores to close down. In order to keep on track, retailers are pushing for alternative solutions on a massive scale. One of the major cutting-edge trend is AR. Augmented Reality Retail applications allow to meet customers demand, increase sales, as well as enhance operational efficiency.

Digital Twin Use Cases and Applications

Today, applications of Digital Twin are widely used across many industries. Providing accurate virtual representations of objects as well as simulations of operational processes, applications of Digital Twin enable various businesses to promptly identify areas for innovation and improve business processes and performance.

XR for Remote Consulting and Maintenance

By clashing digital and physical worlds, XR has opened a lot of possibilities for various industries. Remote Consulting and Remote Assistance are today's most in-demand applications, that have shown a great potential to revolutionize the traditional maintenance field.

Five Reasons Why VR Has No Rivals For Emergency Training

VR creates additional opportunities to train and teach your employees what to do in case of an emergency. Take advantage of the VR world to save costs for fire drills and get your employees well-educated.

Softengi is Building Partnership with the German Scientific Community

Working with Softengi, German researchers will be able to create productive German-Ukrainian centers of excellence that is why we invite them for cooperation!

Augmented Analytics Is the Future of Business Intelligence

While newcomers to the market are thinking about how to get information about customers, big players have been doing this for a long time. Large companies have already found a new problem - the massiveness of information. The technology of augmented analytics will help not to drown in terabytes of data. You can read how Softengi does it for our clients in the article.

Softengi accepted into Forbes Technology Council

“We are honored to welcome Softengi CTO, Ilya Gandzeychuk, into the community,” said Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils, the collective that includes Forbes Technology Council. “Our mission with Forbes Councils is to bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world.”

VR Training. Why Is This a Vital Solution For Almost All Business Areas?

In this article, you will find the best, in our opinion, use of VR technology. Namely, the expertise, which is the most effective tool for professional staff training - VR training. The solution helps to increase the training rate of employees by 6 times, enhancing quality instead of losing it. The details of using in various business and industries read below.

Extended Reality is the Future of Community Media

52% of enterprises around the world are developing an XR strategy, and a media industry is no exception. That is why experts claim that the next media revolution is immersive technology, otherwise known as Extended Reality which includes AR, VR, and MR. This technology allows you to attract customers through an interactive experience, improve sales, increase brand awareness. Powerful cases in the article show the incredible perspective of Extended Reality.

Computer Vision for Quality Control

CV-based applications serve to minimize human intervention, optimize operational efficiency, as well as reduce labour costs. These indicators primarily lead to increased profits of the enterprise. If you want to know more what spheres benefit from computer vision for quality control, read the article.

Augmented Reality Retail Trends Disrupting the Industry

In 2020, more than 1 billion people are expected to use Augmented Reality products. The number is staggering. With Augmented and Virtual reality, consumers can easier find needed products and try them before buying. Moreover, navigation powered by Augmented Reality will make it easier to get around huge shopping malls. For customer, the whole shopping experience becomes more engaging and personalized.

Automotive Industry: XR at the forefront

When buying a car, 70% of the younger generation views emerging technologies and infotainment features extremely useful and engaging. The most successful players in the automotive Industry market are guided by new trends. Extended Reality Automotive is a leading technology in many aspects of the automotive Industry, from manufacturing to sales. You can read about additional perks of using Extended Reality Automotive applications in the article.

Disruptive Technologies in Risk Management: XR/AI

Extended Reality and Artificial Intelligence take risk management to the new level – the level of total control. Risk management strategy includes threat prevention, emergency situations simulation in VR, data security and other methods of minimization of potential threats. Many compliance and risk departments have already implemented AI-driven solutions to streamline functions and compliance processes. More insights on this topic in the article below.

Live Video Streaming App & Other R&D Projects of Softengi

Where does exactly the transformation of a daring idea into a meaningful solution take place in an IT company? In the R&D department where experienced software architects create unique solutions using top-notch technologies. We would like to share with you some ongoing projects of our R&D team.

Digital Twins - the Start of the Digitalization for Manufacturers

Paradoxically, but manufacturing is the slowest sphere for the digital transformation. Despite the fact that evolution is vital for manufacturers, they often resist studying and implementing innovations.

AR for Energy and Utility Sector: Undeniable Benefits

XR in the utility & energy sector has undeniable benefits: service expenses decrease, enhanced maintenance process, more effective remote assistance, higher safety for employees. AR global market revenues for the energy and utility sector will reach US$18 billion. What will this money be spent on?

How Drones Track Wheat Breeding & Inspect Post Disaster Areas

Intecracy Ventures project provides cutting-edge solutions in the aerial industry that can be widely used in various fields of business.

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