Smart Traffic and AI

Video Analytics software development based on Computer Vision and Machine Learning are becoming integrated part of smart cities and futuristic urban spaces. In this article you will get acquainted with how Artificial Intelligence Solutions are able to improve the city traffic.

Artificial Intelligence in Pharma

Pharma companies widely apply Artificial Intelligence algorithms and systems to predict the behavior of elements and use it to discover new drugs, to predict market demand in drugs, and to promptly find and provide information. Artificial Intelligence systems scrutinize the quality of blisters and bottles and validate packaging to fight counterfeits.

Main benefits of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for FinTech Companies

In the FinTech industry, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) on par with Big Data, Data Mining, and Deep Learning has considerably grown over the decade. According to Forbes, the FinTech industry received more than $350 billion dollars funding in the last 10 years. Among the most known applications of AI and ML are Fraud Detection, Preventive Analytics, AI-driven chatbots, and AI for Back Office operations.

Get Ready for the Next Generation LMS: AI-powered Learning Management System

The new generation of LMS is here! Enhancing E-learning with Artificial Intelligence, LMS revolutionize learning and teaching at school, at work, from home and even on the move. With AI-powered LMS, learning requires fewer resources, goes to a new level of quality, and becomes more personalized.

AI for Financial Services Companies

According to Accenture’s research, by 2030, AI will add $1.153 billion in value to the financial industry and will allow it to achieve $1 trillion in cost-savings. Adoption of AI finance applications enables financial services companies to be more productive and innovative and create a better, engaging financial environment for their customers.

AI in Retail: Smart Shelves, Demand Forecasting, and Product Matching

AI in Retail is all about automation and personalization. Artificial Intelligence with its analytics and prediction capabilities offers the retail industry a great number of opportunities, that help to enhance operational efficiency, attract new customers, and generate sales.

Object Character Recognition Development: Use Cases from 3 Industries

OCR is being used by the majority of big companies today for reducing the amount of paperwork. Logistics & transportation, the financial sphere, and the public sector are historically regarded as sectors with heavy document flow the digitalization of which results in instant progress.

IT Solutions to COVID-19

Our team joined a Central European Initiative call for proposals and came up with the technological response to the pandemic: we suggest using Artificial Intelligence in the battle against COVID-19. Let's be honest, technology is the only thing that can help us deal with the pandemic.

Three Steps to Classify Your Financial Data

Today, we’re going to shed more light on why data classification is crucial for the financial sector and how to use it properly. Check out our article to find out three effective steps to retrieve your collected data.

Retail Trends 2020

We prepared a great article for you about trends in the retail industry in 2020. You will see that retailers have to become smart in order to stay competitive in the market. Moreover, we will show the way Softengi transforms the retail segment.

How Data Science Will Lead All Future Healthcare Trends

Data Science, a field of study that focuses on extracting meaningful insights from data, has found great use in today’s healthcare industry. Based on our expertise in developing healthcare applications, we conducted a study on the trends in this industry.

Digitizing Documents with Artificial Intelligence

Success is when the best company quotes you. Recently, the German company SAP, a leader among manufacturers of software for organizations, published an article mentioning our research. Below is a translation of their article, “Digitizing Documents Using Artificial Intelligence.”

Smart Retail. AI Technology Is In Charge

25% of the world's 250 leading retailers are already integrating AI into their organizations. Surprised? We impressed by the speed with which retailers are beginning to understand without smart retail they will soon be forced out of the industry race. AI can increase the return on every aspect of retail, from forecasting to delivering goods to the client and making a profit. We have prepared for you an article on how AI can unlock the potential of your store, based on our expertise in transforming the retail business.

Softengi is Building Partnership with the German Scientific Community

Working with Softengi, German researchers will be able to create productive German-Ukrainian centers of excellence that is why we invite them for cooperation!

Augmented Analytics Is the Future of Business Intelligence

While newcomers to the market are thinking about how to get information about customers, big players have been doing this for a long time. Large companies have already found a new problem - the massiveness of information. The technology of augmented analytics will help not to drown in terabytes of data. You can read how Softengi does it for our clients in the article.

AI is the Telecom Industry Trend: Automatic, Adaptive, Autonomous

AI-embedded technologies can be a useful tool in the telecommunications industry. Implementation of AI by telco companies resulting in the development of highly personalized products, improved fulfilment processes and enhanced network management, allows telecommunications operators to provide their customers with more attractive services as well as enhance their customer retention.

Are AI Innovations a Solution to Productivity?

As a profound technology, AI can offer a number of benefits for companies in various industries. Even in the most unexpected. We can easily convince you of that.

The Promise of AI Marketing

What does the future have for marketing? Chatbots will revolutionize the communication with clients making it accurate and emotions free. Intelligent searches will finally give customers what they actually want. And predictive intelligence model will finally make personalization

AI Solutions for EHS: Safety First

Machine learning, predictive analysis, deep learning are those AI tools that take human error out of workplace and create a truly safe environment. At last.

AI in IT. How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming QA

Artificial Intelligence is not just a buzzword. It really helps. It truly improves. Right here, right now. In the IT industry? Why not!

About Continuous Improvement, Robotic Process Automation and Chat Bots

What Andrey Kovalev was speaking about at the international forum BIT 2018.

Softengi created Aziot Lock In System - ALIS

A Connected Digital Platform for Doors Remote Management & Automated Unlocking.

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