Today’s topic is a Java Development of the System for Data Aggregation and Report Generation.


  • The system is build on the client-server architecture and consists of two parts – server and client.
  • Server program is developed on Tomcat Servlet Container and includes JWeb Application (JSPs, EJBs, Java Classes), REST Web Services, JasperReports report engine, DAO Hibernate Engine and RDBMS MS SQL Server.
  • Client program is a desk-top application based on Java Spring Application with its own local database on RDBMS Java DB. The Client program works in two regimes – with server connections and off-line
  • Connection and data exchange between server and client parts are performed via Internet
  • JNLP is implemented for version upgrade.
Java Development Softengi

Project Highlights

  • The application is implemented at 150 workplaces for the employees working in the Network projects in all regions of Ukraine;
  • System database covers 50,000 accounts.


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