Сlimate Change Consulting

Today ecological consulting services are in demand among socially responsible & sustainable businesses as well as governments of the leading countries. The ecological consulting market is getting bigger, and its most essential sub-services, such as greenhouse gas accounting or net-zero emissions, are regarded as a standard requirement for any successful country or company.

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For instance, a month ago IBM Committed To Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2030, setting the trend for the rest of the businesses. Ecological consulting services are one of our core expertise, but why should your business invest in partnership with Softengi?

Softengi is an IT company with huge tangible experience in IT development for the EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) sector. Having established a strong partnership with one of the top EHS providers of the world, a Canadian company called Cority, we’ve managed to develop the Emission Tracking System which is being used by the companies from the Fortune 500 list today. Our last project, Geo Monitoring and Forecasting Platform, which enables specialized authorities to share valuable information, forecast natural hazards, and cooperate in the research and the event of an emergency, was developed within the World Bank project.


  • Greenhouse gas inventories  for national level and sectors of the economy
  • MRV reporting in accordance with European & Ukrainian standards
  • GHG footprints for products and GHG calculators for different activities (including RED II standard for agriculture )


  • Climate Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (CRVA) report and maps for selected  sub-sector(s) and regions in agriculture and other sectors of the economy;
  • Adaptation Concept and Adaptation Plan creation for different levels of the economy;
  • Analysis of socio-economic and gender dimensions of vulnerability to climate change; socio-economic analysis that includes but not be limited to damage and loss assessment, risks of migration and displacement of the rural population due to climate change impacts;
  • Gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, gender equality criteria, gender equality mainstreaming in local/rural development;
  • GIS-based maps, findings from existing quantitative and qualitative assessments under various forecast models


GHG emissions reduction measures:

  • mitigation strategies that include retrofitting buildings to make them more energy efficient;
  • adopting renewable energy sources like solar, wind and small hydro;
  • helping cities develop more sustainable transport such as bus rapid transit, electric vehicles, and biofuels;
  • and promoting more sustainable uses of land.


  • EU Taxonomy on sustainable activities under Green Deal: methodological and practical aspects;
  • Waste management. Conduct a detailed study of existing waste management practices applied by agribusinesses involved in the Horticulture sector (potential environmental risk and the gaps and challenges in light of national and international regulations/best practices). Food losses and waste: analyzing the potential reuse, recycling, and recovery pathways, alongside the technical and economic efficiency of proposed approaches, influencing factors and suggestions. Value chain analysis with the presentation of costs and prices relating to the management, recycling, and disposal of plastics waste. Agricultural waste management: assessment of horticultural production chain, covering all plants from vegetables to fruits and flowers, ensures that all horticultural products find their way from farm to fork (F2F).
  • Agriculture and land-use aspects 
  • Energy efficiency and resource efficiency.

We orchestrate the digital to let you focus on what really matters in the ever-changing world. Sustainability as a trend is only growing in the world, and soon more experts who understand the practical aspects of its implementation will be needed in your company.

We digitalize the green technologies to manage with green and clean solutions on the modern level.

We empower our partners with dedicated needs-tailored software products and services that contribute to the lives of millions worldwide and allow to achieve more through the digital. We care about tomorrow – each of our application aligns with a sustainable development


Сlimate Change Consulting PROJECTS

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