XR Development is Our Core Competence

Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR)


Softengi, as Extended Reality Software Development Company, was included in the list of top 15 Virtual & Augmented Reality Developers leadership matrix by the B2B platform Clutch based on clients’ votes in 2021. 

So when we speak about XR/extended reality we understand the whole potential of this technology.

  • There are many extended reality use cases. Using virtual, mixed, and augmented reality technologies of realities significantly improves the quality of learning and speed of training with the help of interactive manuals and remote assistance for example. It becomes possible to use rare and expensive equipment, which previously was difficult for many companies. Virtual reality training gives companies the possibility to simulate even the most horrible emergency situations without any risk.
  • Creating XR applications (digital twin solutions) for our clients reduces the cost of manufacturing and transporting equipment, which can be large and cumbersome. Softengi has great experience in extended reality implementation. Companies with decentralized offices will appreciate the opportunity to use digital twin solutions for optimization of facilities utilization.
  • Mixed, virtual, and augmented app development is also an investment in marketing & sales. Companies have an opportunity to improve marketing strategy, namely to increase brand awareness. Potential customers are attracted by the interactivity of interaction with the product, businesses value the possibility to expand the target audience.
  • Reduced costs for finding qualified personnel. This is especially needed for highly specialized companies. After all, it is now possible to train an employee in a short time to all the subtleties of work without the cost of possible breakdowns of expensive equipment during the training.

We know about various advancements that extended reality technologies can be useful for your business. The primary examples are not limited to healthcare, real estate, marketing, engineering, virtual management, and entertainment. It can be used everywhere where new digitalization improvement is required. 

Thus, with the help of XR/extended reality software development, Softengi can add on the whole potential of this technology that we can deliver for your business, particularly through the following:

In order to keep up with the world of digital changes, the businesses engaging the thriving and blooming XR technologies are meant to succeed. 

Let Softengi make this change accessible for you.

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  • ARKit, ARCore, Easy AR
  • Unity, Unreal
  • HTC, Oculus Quest
  • CV. Human Body Reconstruction
  • Face Recognition & Tracking
  • Microsoft HoloLens
  • Magic Leap





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