Capabilities of Using AI-Enhanced Development for Your Business

Generative AI Model Requirements
and Product Design
Generative AI Model Requirements
and Product Design
Our innovative approach uses the power of AI to automate the creation of Software Requirement Specifications (SRS). The AI-enhanced Design System increases design efficiency by understanding user preferences, industry standards, and best practices. It generates aesthetically pleasing Design Systems, including UI/UX elements, color schemes, typography, and layout guidelines.
Continuous Integration
and Deployment (CI/CD)
Continuous Integration
and Deployment (CI/CD)
Our modern approach enhances CI/CD practices by automating build processes, identifying potential deployment issues, and optimizing release cycles. It improves code quality, reduces manual labor, and facilitates faster and more reliable software releases. The system continuously learns from CI/CD pipelines' data and feedback.
Software Development and Testing
Software Development and Testing
As a result of a thorough selection of AI algorithms, our experts can generate code snippets and templates based on functional requirements, accelerating development. AI is also utilized to generate unit tests and autotests, reducing workload. The Senior Developer ensures code quality and adherence to industry standards, as well as oversees the accuracy and relevance of tests. Such an approach revolutionizes software development and testing, empowering teams to deliver high-quality software.

AI-Enhanced Software Development in Numbers

automation of developer's job
improvement of software development efficiency
reduction in time to market
increase in post-deployment product quality
savings in operational cost

Softengi’s New Approach to Software Engineering Process Using AI

Our company introduced a new generative approach to software design enhanced by AI that capitalizes on Softengi’s extensive development experience and knowledge. Innovative algorithms and techniques automate the collection, processing, and creation of SRS, as well as project code. The process is supervised by high-level software architects or lead developers instead of a dedicated team. Such a new approach allows us to create flexible and cost-effective software solutions with faster time to market.

Compared to standard development, Softengi’s advanced approach utilizes the power of AI to optimize workforce-related and financial expenses more than 2x at all project stages, including requirements, design, development, testing, and maintenance.

Benefits of Using AI for Software Engineering


Software Development & Testing Automation

Regarding software development, AI saves engineers’ time by automating such operations as requirements analysis, product design, and code generation. Moreover, AI can generate unit tests and autotests to reduce manual effort.

Faster Time to Market

By automating repetitive tasks, eliminating manual errors, and streamlining workflows, businesses can deliver software products or updates to the market more quickly, gaining a competitive edge.

Improved Productivity

Softengi’s new approach enhances developer productivity by automating routine tasks, providing code suggestions, and assisting with code reviews. This allows us to focus on more complex and creative aspects of software development.

Better Collaboration

The Native Language Interactive Interface facilitates communication among teams. It also enables users to conveniently access, search, and interact with functional requirements and artifacts, driving collaboration and project success.

Digital Innovation

AI enables the integration of intelligent features like natural language processing, machine learning, code completion, and recommendation systems, driving innovation in various industries at a reduced cost.

Bridged Talent Shortage 

AI-enhanced development helps mitigate the talent shortage by reducing the need for manual coding and streamlining the development process. This allows businesses to achieve more with existing resources and close the talent gap.

Our Use Cases

PoC with AI
Softengi’s AI-enhanced software development approach can facilitate the creation of a Proof of Concept (PoC) by providing several capabilities and benefits:
Business Analysis
The AI-enhanced approach allows writing user stories with Gherkin and creating acceptance criteria. Functional and non-functional requirements are enhanced with AI generation.
Softengi’s AI-enhanced approach can analyze the software code, dependencies, and configuration files to generate deployment scripts tailored to specific environments and platforms automatically.
Intelligent Testing
AI-enhanced testing can automate test case generation, perform regression testing, and identify potential issues in the PoC.
Rapid Prototyping
Our AI-enhanced approach can speed up the development of the PoC, allowing businesses to test and validate their ideas quickly.
Legacy Systems Modernization with AI
AI-enhanced software development can facilitate legacy systems modernization by providing several key capabilities:
Legacy System Understanding
By leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP), Cognitive Search Algorithms, and Vector Databases, we reverse engineer existing code, which assists in understanding legacy codebases, documentation, and user interactions.
Native Language Interactive Interface
It enables users to seamlessly interact with the Project’s Knowledge Base, searching and exploring specific requirements or artifacts. 
Code Migration and Transformation
AI-enhanced development implies automatically refactoring or translating code, ensuring compatibility with newer platforms while preserving core functionality.
Automated Testing and Quality Assurance
Our AI-powered approach to testing can automate the generation of test cases, perform regression testing, and identify areas of high risk. 
Intelligent Data Migration
AI can help analyze and migrate data from legacy databases to modern data storage solutions. It can extract, transform, and load data, ensuring its integrity and consistency.
Integration with AI Capabilities
Machine learning, natural language processing, and recommendation systems help businesses enhance the functionality, intelligence, and value of their modernized systems. 
Continuous Improvement and Maintenance
Our approach facilitates the continuous improvement and maintenance of modernized systems. AI algorithms can monitor system behavior, detect anomalies, and provide hints for ongoing optimization.
Repeatable Project Development
Softengi’s AI-enhanced approach simplifies the engineering process of software projects that involve forms:
Form Generation Automation and Validation
Using our approach, developers can define the desired form fields and their corresponding data types. The AI will generate the necessary code to render the forms dynamically. 
Elimination of Manual Coding in Forms
With the AI-enhanced software development approach, there is no more need for manual coding of form components, which saves time and effort.
Intelligent Form Validation
Softengi’s new approach promotes intelligent form validation, automatically detecting and highlighting errors, checking data formats, and ensuring data integrity in form-based software projects.
Project Maintenance and Support
Our AI-enhanced software engineering approach revolutionizes the project’s code maintenance in several ways: 
Tasks Automation
Bug detection, code refactoring containing suggestions based on the world’s best practices, and automated test case generation are effectively performed with the help of AI.
Code Refinement
The system intelligently analyzes code repositories and enhances overall code quality. It streamlines the testing process, providing valuable insights and actionable recommendations. 
Software Development Life Cycle Optimization
Softengi’s innovative approach saves developers’ time, improves software quality, and optimizes the development workflow, making AI integration seamless and efficient.
Language-Agnostic Programming
Softengi’s AI-enhanced approach accelerates legacy project analysis, offering valuable insights and improving the quality of code: 
Codebase Assessment
AI can automatically understand and document the codebase, detect code smells, analyze dependencies, automate code migration, and assess performance. 
Advanced Code Analysis
Softengi’s AI-enhanced approach identifies potential issues, provides recommendations for refactoring or optimization, and generates visualizations to help understand the legacy system. It allows developers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the codebase. 
Sustainable Project Engineering
AI brings project engineering to a new level of sustainability with advanced environmentally responsible practices:
Economic Efficiency
Softengi's AI-enhanced software engineering approach in project development brings sustainable results through cost efficiency and the ability to explore different technology stack options.
Resource Optimization
AI automates code refactoring and testing to optimize resource utilization and reduce expense. It allows for the adoption of more efficient and eco-friendly technologies, ensuring long-term efficiency and innovation in software projects.       

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my company benefit from Softengi’s AI-enhanced software development approach?

Softengi’s AI-enhanced approach to software development offers companies several major benefits. Primarily, it facilitates business analysis, allowing to write user stories with Gherkin-style acceptance criteria and enhance functional and non-functional requirements creation with AI. Additionally, the new approach provides increased efficiency as AI can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as code generation, bug detection, and testing. By automating repetitive tasks, improving efficiency, and reducing errors, Softengi’s AI-enhanced software development can lead to cost savings for your company.

How can AI-enhanced software development facilitate legacy app transformation?

According to Forbes, nearly a third of all enterprise applications are considered legacy apps. Softengi’s AI-enhanced software development can promote the transformation of legacy applications through intelligent migration, including such key assets as historical data and business logic, automated code generation, testing, performance optimization, and continuous monitoring. Our approach has already been proven useful when migrating from legacy systems and creating new applications.

How do I understand that my company requires an AI-enhanced software development approach from Softengi?

The first indicator is the necessity to create POC and test a new application or modernize a legacy app that no longer meets modern software development demands. The second indicator is the growing presence of repetitive and time-consuming tasks that can be automated. Finally, a shortage of qualified workforce or technical resources also indicates that you should adopt an AI-enhanced approach. In case your company faces one of these challenges, we recommend addressing Softengi experts for a more personalized solution.

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