As a business intelligence consulting company, we unleash the potential of the data

Business intelligence data is a powerful resource and Softengi, as a consulting company, makes this data fully available for practical use. The company that chooses the way of the digital transformation has to build a “data culture” inside the team. It means that any valuable business data must be easily accessible and comprehensible and all important business decisions must be data-driven.

That is why modern companies rely on Business Intelligence consulting for accumulating important data and transforming it into business insights. Data management and BI solutions are therefore becoming crucial for e-commerce or any business that has anything to do with the digital world.

Business Intelligence tools are in the centre of the customers’ needs and shaped around the industries and companies aims. Business Intelligence systems are constructed with tools that serve the purpose of data discovery, optimisation, data management, reporting, analysing, statistics visualisation, planning, and sharing. In some cases, there is also predictive analytics, which is now quite in demand in an attempt to manage the uncertainty. And this is the ground on which business intelligence solutions we built solutions.

There are business intelligence use cases that help companies achieve their most critical business goals. Some businesses increase profitability, like supermarket chain Meijer, one of the US largest retailers. Others with the help of business intelligence technologies decrease unimportant expenditures, like Carnegie University, which cut energy consumption by 33% using business intelligence solutions.

More than that, businesses use Business Intelligence dashboards for informative purposes, like Minnesota local government, which used BI dashboards for keeping people up-to-date about the pandemic spread.


List of the Business Intelligence tools that we are working with:



Digital Transformation Consulting With BI

As business intelligence consulting company, we help to make the right information from raw data.

It is an integral part of our BI solutions implementation process. We study the current state of your business, changing needs, and the existing ICT landscape to offer the best business intelligence systems and solutions.

Data Strategy And BI Software

As business intelligence consulting services provider, we consider data strategy to be the basic element of business development and it’s success. We are able to strategise a unique methodology of effective data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization. We develop business intelligence software for it to be later successfully integrated into your business processes. In addition, we can provide practical recommendations on data governance and business process, which would help your company to use the whole capacities of the data.


Ensuring continuous collection and transformation of raw data is the key to building real-time analytics. In business intelligence consulting, our experts provide configuration and management of data pipelines from a variety of corporate and external systems into a single database (DWH).

In reality, the ETL process is much more complex than a simple data collection, transformation, and load. First of all, ETL includes the preparation of a detailed map of trusted data sources and flows. Second, the definition of reference formats and coordination of access to data with it holders. Third, the distribution of rights to the converted data, documentation of the entire process and many other technical and organizational issues that our experts face in practice.


Building DWH is a must-have attribute for a modern enterprise that uses different informational systems. Should storage be deployed in the cloud or on-prem; what are the ways to ensure its security; how to prevent data loss and ensure its recovery in case of emergency situations; how to provide authorized access to data and configure procedures for its support?

Our experts know the answers to these and many other questions that allow us to implement and seamlessly integrate DWH into the existing ICT infrastructure, with minimal impact on the performance of other corporate systems. 


For the forward-looking businesses the data visualization is a key approach to make the data comprehensible and easy-to-use for even non-technical specialists. Dashboards and data stories are essential to ensure quicker decisions based on key performance indicators. Get acquainted with our recent Pharma business intelligence solution.

Often data outliers or unique situations require an alternative approach for data visualization. Our experts use best data paid and open-source visualization tools. For example, such tools as Tableau and Power BI. They serve to make complex look easy with colourful interactive dashboards with a sufficient amount of deep-dive charts, graphs, tables.

We are ready to turn a sketch of any complexity into an interactive dashboard that allows managing your organisation.



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