Softengi team has extensive experience both in developing Enterprise Business Apps from scratch and in introducing gamification techniques into an already finished application. For that, we use the most effective technologies and programming languages:

  • Deep retention mechanics
  • WOW factor
  • Game User Experience

Benefits of using Gamification:
Gamification is not just a trend, but a necessary technology for almost all products and services that people use. It is an indispensable assistant for both internal corporate management and applications for clients.

  • With the help of gamification, first of all, you can increase user involvement in a product or brand and retention of the clients. This is what guarantees increased sales and profits.
  • Also, gamification mechanisms are used to train employees. Company employees are becoming more involved in the game and, therefore, more motivated by the result. This is what improves the efficiency of the company.
  • Accurate and fast feedback. Track the success of your users, adjust the conditions and material of the game, in order to keep the gameplay interesting. Then reward the most diligent players.
  • Gamification can create emotional anchors for users through badges, achievements and virtual items. Gamification elements usually exploit the sense of self – importance, pride, and accomplishment, achieving a full involvement of the user in the product lifecycle.

Gamification PROJECTS

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