Retail & eCommerce

Computer Vision for Quality Control in Retail

Computer Vision and Machine Learning open new possibilities for retailers. Spotting "empty shelves", finding the right product from the catalog, determining fake/counterfeit goods is efficient when it is done with the help of AI.

WebAR + Telepresence App for Retail

Augmented reality for retail combined with telepresence is the guarantee of zero buyers' remorse: they see what they are buying and get professional consulting.

IoT Solution: Smart Lighting for Retail

How would you describe smart lighting to a child? Smart lighting is the possibility to be a responsible consumer and save money at the same time!

Interactive Content for Magazine with AR Technology. ZERNO Case.

Marketers can rejoice! In the field of advertising and product promotion, a new method has appeared based on Augmented Reality technology. Interactive advertising. Just look at these statistics: "By 2020, revenue from mobile ar advertising will exceed $ 2 billion." Do you want your marketers to be the first to climb Olympus of AR marketing? Our case will tell you how to do it attractively and effectively.

AR app for Product Configuration

A short visual story about our AR application that solves the problem of the product demonstration for customers. And it doesn’t matter what kind of product it is: a designer sofa, a powerful UAV, or even a prototype of the house on Mars. Only a smartphone is required to work with the AR application. Using AR app sales & marketing managers and technical specialist can show even the bulkiest products to their customers without filling piles of docs for DHL.

Virtual Training Assistant (VTA)

At the request of Volia Software, Softengi ported the RISC, Inc. E-Learning system, which was initially developed with Microsoft Visual FoxPro, to Microsoft .NET platform, as well as extended it with the new functionality.

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