June 10, 2022

We addressed Softengi in order to create an AR-powered mobile app for the selection of comfortable shoes. The Softengi team was responsible for backend, front-end development, design, and QA. We worked using Scrum methodology and divided the whole project into sprints. After each sprint, we received certain results and discussed the progress. QA testing was a long and exhausting process but we managed to create a bug-free application.
The working process was very fruitful and professional. The team completed the work within the agreed timeframe and considered our wishes into account as much as possible. And the solution to our problem, proposed by the company, completely satisfied us.

Galina Oriekhovskaya , Co-Founder, 4Comfort Shoes
May 3, 2022

MicroTechniX is a company specialized in the automation of laboratory processes. We focus on lab management and automation. We wanted to have control over our budget and Softengi provided fixed-price solutions that were documented enough to have a successful outcome. The team seems close proximity-wise, despite our being geographically far away. If we ask a question it is answered. They had great communication!

Wouter Christiaens, CEO, Microtechnix
February 10, 2022

They are really skilled at UI/UX design. Our result was to obtain an interface that can work well on desktop and mobile. They provide us with this result! Softengi checked many different scenarios, provided lofi and hifi prototypes, clickable prototypes to obtain the final goal. The communication was always clear and fast. They are always available for a call o to set up a meeting. Our client and investor are really satisfied with the final result.

Luca Michelini, Project Director, Maffeis Engineering
January 28, 2022

We hired Softengi to develop a mobile 2D/3D modeling application. The app had just launched, so it’s too early to note results. Softengi’s professionalism and eagerness to deliver quality work impressed us. Furthermore, they managed tasks well and communicated frequently to ensure everyone was always updated. The team was also very patient and responsive.
The most impressive or unique about this company is their attitude to work and to deliver a satisfactory product. They were willing and patient enough to respond to our requests, even during holidays.

Elizabeth Ayanwale, CEO, OVTMT
March 10, 2021

We hired Softengi to develop a Unified Complex Monitoring and Forecasting System, which would allow to monitor hazards, perform high-quality research, and collaborate more closely with various institutions.

Softengi delivered the software within the agreed timeframe despite its complexity. The team managed the collaboration effectively and seamlessly. Their adaptability and capability to produce results that meet technically complex requirements was were the hallmarks of their team character.

Kydyr Nazarkulov, Geographic Information System Analyst, KCGIS
August 30, 2020

“Softengi has been our primary outsourcing partner for ten years. We value our Ukrainian partner for their high quality, mature development processes, and for the resulting timely and reliable product delivery.”

Lawrence E. Goldenhersh, President/CEO, Enviance
November 10, 2020

We were looking to dramatically improve the UX/UI of our software to make it easier to learn and faster to use.  Despite the 10 hour time zone difference between our locations, our teams have really been able to form a great spirit of teamwork and collaboration. They are available at all hours of the day and on weekends if we have an important issue to resolve or a deadline to meet.

James O'Leonard, CEO, PEAK 15 Systems, Inc.
November 6, 2020

We hired Softengi to design a new website! I provided the content, Softengi designed and implemented. Their workflow has been very good.

Michael Auer, Director, Neccton
February 10, 2020

To manage educational process we needed up-to-date scheduling system which allowed us having unified lists of teachers, classrooms, programs, courses, and classes. Different functions within the organization should be able to fulfill their duties with the help of the system.

To do so, the Softengi helped us to structure scheduling information in the very logical way. The system also has the hierarchy of access rights to different parts and layers of the organization. Data are validated automatically which substantially reduces the human mistake. The system is secure and provides safe keeping of all students, faculty and staff data.

Roman Yaroshenko, director of computer science at MIM-KYIV
October 6, 2020

Nostalis BV, a dutch realty development company was positive amazed by the rendering videos created by the group of Stanislav Zadvornny (department chief Softengi) of the project: Eremita Ciegno near the Italian Riviera. The result was an investor, commitment of the municipality and first buyers. I’m very grateful for their excellent rendering and will continue in the near future.

Willem Berends, Nostalis Director
July 3, 2020

Softengi offered design services to refresh the design of an existing mobile app. This involved providing three mock-up options for the client to choose from. 

The user-friendly design generated new sales and prospects within three months. Customers offered positive feedback, illustrating their satisfaction with the usability of the app.  Deadlines were met, and communications were easy and effective. We liked to work together, and they maintained effective communications face-to-face and via messengers bringing us results.

Natalia Golovtseva, Sales Director, Intecracy Base
June 30, 2020

We worked with Softengi on two projects – a web platform that serves as a storage for people’s MRI and CT scans, and a mobile app which is curated matchmaking service for users and local businesses.
We had a very positive experience with Softengi – they were organized and successfully created a great final product which fully met our expectations.

Ada Bovsunovsky, Head Of Investor Relations at at ADAM Project
February 12, 2020

Softengi offered us to develop a Natural Language Processing solution on the basis of TensorFlow library. We aimed to create the software that could improve the efficiency of our operations and clients’ retention as a result. Natural Language Processing allows learning more about our clients and offering them more as a result.
The workflow was immaculate. The most impressive about this company is their deep understanding of AI technology.

Igor Taranenko, Director, Eastern Radiotech
February 2, 2020

We hired Softengi to build an AI recommender engine for an e-commerce website for one of our clients. Our general task was to improve the CTR at the website which would result in a sales boost, and we realized that we needed a recommender system for that.
Softengi team works as an effective mechanism: they deal with the project from the ideation to the release stage. We were impressed by the effective communication and the level of support they provided after the project release.

Anastasia Brynza, Digital Marketing Manager, Belkins
August 14, 2019

During their 15-year involvement, Softengi has integrated seamlessly with internal personnel, extending capabilities with their technical skills and collaborative focus. The team’s forthright communication, exceptional output, and attentive service continue to drive success. Softengi does exactly what they say they will. To me, in the business world, this is exceptional and important.

Craig Phillips, CEO, Volia Software, Inc.
May 13, 2019

The Softengi team is implementing a computer vision technology to make Def-C UAV more efficient in terms of target recognition, tracking, and detection. Upgraded with this system, drones will be more useful for multiple purposes. Softengi team is powering Def C droned with computer vision using the following technological stack: Python, C++, and Open CV. So far our cooperation runs smoothly and productively. I would like to point out the high-level professional skills of the team.

Igor Kramarenko, Project manager, Def C
April 12, 2018

Softengi delivered hardware and software that was powerful and flexible enough to use to build custom solutions for our clients.
Their management was well organized and featured good reporting. We used Jira, GitHub, Skype, and in-person meetings to keep the process running smoothly. Softengi software architects and the extent of the company’s experience were outstanding.

Victor Golub, Business Development Director, Aziot
April 17, 2019

We’ve recently launched our first pilot product six months after the start of development. We requested several customization requirements, and Softengi successfully delivered work that met our expectations. The staff members exhibit an admirable team spirit. We definitely will recommend Softengi as a reliable and high-quality outsourcing company.

Zhasulan Namazbaev, Vice President of Product, Nectain
January 30, 2019

“We worked for the first time by SCRUM methodology. We liked that Scrum-team was quite flexible and client-oriented. The development was done in time and the costs were within the limits stated in the quotation. We will be pleased to further cooperate with Softengi because they do meet the needs of the customer!”

Evgen Osmak, Head of Corporate IT , Zeppelin Ukraine
January 3, 2019

We cooperate with Softengi as our partner for application development and projects support for more than 3 years. Over the course of our partnership we have successfully completed a number of projects in the finance industry. We highly appreciate true cooperation, as well as high efficiency and performance quality of the Softengi team. We are looking forward to continue our cooperation in the future.”

Stefan Hasler, Managing Director of IMPAQ Schweiz AG (2009 - 2010), Impaq
December 22, 2018

We were very satisfied by the good support of Softengi team. They provided us with prompt responses to many questions we had. Moreover, they came up with suggestions of possible solutions, proving their expertise and ability to think efficiently outside of the box.”

Andreas Strahm, Ing. FH, Lestra Engineering AG
January 30, 2019

Softengi professionals, in a matter of a short time, gained an insight into tasks and technology which was new to them, familiarizing themselves with the world of lab equipment produced by METTLER TOLEDO. As a result, they completed the project within one week’s time, which impressed me greatly, as I believe it to be a record time for working with equipment they were not familiar with before. Softengi suggested a simple and optimal solution which supports any OS and, as a bonus, performs the function of a software testing simulator. I am hoping to have an opportunity to cooperate with Softengi to develop solutions for more difficult tasks and to implement improvements for ready-to-be-used software for a wider range of tasks and convenient deployment.”

Victor Burlakov, Lab Equipment Sales Manager , METTLER TOLEDO
April 28, 2019

“Softline Partner, Softengi, helped HedgeServ’s development efforts by extending our in-house team with highly skilled software developers, allowing us to build a solid foundation for our Technology platform. Softengi team demonstrated great technical expertise. Equally impressive was their ability to both quickly learn our application domain and adapt our development practices, delivering their assignments on time and with the utmost quality. We were pleased working with Softengi Team.”

Maksim Kozyarchuk, Director , HedgeServ
April 14, 2019

“Within our collaboration, Softengi’s team has demonstrated its exclusive expertise, the highest level of competence and the ability to respond promptly to the arising issues and challenges. The key feature of the services provided by Softengi is their unique quality, timely manner and efficiency. High expertise of the Softengi’s specialists is proved by their capability to foresee our needs, prevent difficulties and resolve problems.”

Josh Doolan, Mudbath & Co PTY LTD
March 22, 2019

JSC Bank of Georgia has been cooperating with the Softengi team since 2010. During this time the Softengi team has been rendering software development and implementation services to us. Softengi experience and competence makes our cooperation fruitful and efficient. All the tasks are executed in time and with high quality, and the implemented information systems meet the Bank’s requirements. JSC Bank of Georgia recommends Softengi as a professional software development, support and implementation services provider.”

Megi Bestaeva, IT Project Manager , JSC Bank of Georgia
February 22, 2019

“Our collaboration started in 2013 and lasted for more than two years during which Softengi professionals helped us to build a software system.
We are satisfied with our collaboration experience. Softengi team demonstrated the highest level of expertise, ability to solve arising issues and developing complex and reliable solutions. Softengi is a company with whom we had solid and trustful business relationships.”

Maryna Naumova
February 9, 2019

“Recently I’ve been working with Softengi specialists and I was really impressed with their attention to details and aspiration to accomplish our project in time and under the budget base. At the project beginning we have strictly specified all financial issues, reporting system and quick email response framework. I’m eager to work with Softengi on our new project.”

Kirstie Emery, Programme Manager , The Creative Engine
December 12, 2020

“Softengi’s specialists have proven to be highly-professional and competent, accomplishing all deliverables in a timely manner. Softengi’s project team was very responsive and flexible, able to respond to multiple challenges as they arose and address new requirements with quality results.”

Mario Kerby, Director, West Africa and Haiti, Chemonics International, Inc.
December 28, 2018

“Softengi is deeply specialized in automated testing, so its testing team has significantly assisted us within the whole testing process. In the course of the work, Softengi team appeared to be highly professional, responsive and passionate specialists, performing all needed work efficiently and in a timely manner. They are flexible enough to cater to our needs and ready to address any arising challenges.”

Ivanna Melnyk, Director, E-tender
February 4, 2019

The goal was to automate time-consuming and ineffective processes and solve the biggest pain points for outlets, such as insufficient customers’ security or inefficient resources management using top-notch technologies, such as IoT and seamless system integration. We used several effective task management systems so the workflow was almost immaculate. The idea of IoT SalePointHub for Outlets Automation for A5 was coined by the Softengi team and they managed to offer the most adequate solution.

Yevhenii Maliukin, CMO, A5 Systems
December 12, 2018

We chose Softengi on a competitive basis for the development of our Programme Activity Monitor System. Softengi specialists meet required expertise and are able to complete assigned tasks on decent level. We highly recommend it to those companies, which are looking for a reliable and qualified outsourcer to accomplish IT tasks of any complexity.”

Yaroslav Zelinskiy, All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS