Transportation & Logistics

Computer Vision Software for Drones in Utility Sector

Surveillance drones are becoming more common today. This reduces errors, is cost effective, improves accuracy and reduces workload. But drones are not the only technology: the use of machine learning + computer vision can significantly improve the accuracy and efficiency of terrain monitoring.

OCR App to Increase the Efficiency of the Logistics Department

Nowadays, every company is trying to get as far away from paper workflow as possible. The digitization process is carried out everywhere. And what will happen if we say that it is possible to increase the number of signed documents by 4 times? After all, documentation is such a big problem in such an industry as logistics. How exactly one application can give impetus to the development of logistics companies is described below.

Remote Assistance for the Manufacturing Equipment

Remote Assistance solution is not the screenshot from Iron Man. It's a modern digital tool that can improve the effectiveness of the equipment assembly and maintenance. Using Remote Assistance employees get the chance to communicate with the top experts remotely fixing the most critical bugs faster.

3D Model of an Observer

Creating high poly Observer 3d model for final product presentation

Computer Vision Software for Def C - UAV

The development of drones is now on top of the popularity of using computer vision technology. And for good reason, because on the basis of the collected data, drones can significantly increase the efficiency of any company.

3D Model of the Observer Mobile Transport System

Creation 3D visualization of the Observer Mobile Transport System

Online Logistics Management System: Migration from Cobol to J2EE

The task was to develop an online logistics management system, which could automate processing of orders and invoices from distributors to warehouses worldwide. The task was to migrate from a legacy solution (OpenVMS/Cobol/Jam, undocumented), designed in 1980, to a new modern J2EE platform.

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