Volia Software addressed Softengi with a request to perform works for one of its customers providing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) solutions to the internationally reputed companies.

This company had a web-based risk management solution allowing its customers to protect worker health and safety, avoid devastating accidents, improve worker productivity and product quality, protect the environment, and cut costs.

Challenges of Risk Management Solution

Softengi’s primary task was to develop a lightweight application as a web interface instead of the legacy enterprise application, and at the same time preserve its compatibility and interoperability on the data level. The Softengi team was requested to develop the new architecture from scratch.

The customer also needed a special framework to organize communication between the customer’s artifacts (emails, audited objects, etc.).

It was also necessary to provide for the opportunities for future modernization and enhancements of the application.

Softengi Team Tech Contribution

Originally, it was a project-based cooperation. In the course of 3 years there have been implemented about 1.5 dozen projects; during each of them Softengi team delivered a certain functionality for the next release.

In the process of application development, Softengi team maintained close contact with the customer’s team.

Risk Management Solution Softengi

The new architecture was developed from scratch.

The framework was developed with .NET instead of the previously used Visual Basic (VB). It covered such common tasks as authentication and permissions check, auditing, e‐mail notification, common user interface components, etc.

Multiple database support (Oracle and MS SQL Server 2000) was ensured.

The application was successfully integrated with the existing systems.

Gradually, the application received new functionality and enhancements.

As a result, IMPACT AnywhereTM is an application allowing to identify, capture, and manage Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) information and access various management systems from virtually anywhere via secure Internet access giving the organization using it control over both reactive and proactive risk-related processes across the extended enterprise.


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