A Swiss company called Lestra Engineering AG was looking for a software outsourcing partner to take over the implementation of the Cash-Free Payment Alternative project. There are more than 1800 vending machines located around Switzerland. So, the task was to create a mobile app called Smarpay, which would allow making an order from the machine and paying for it.

As a result, the Softengi team created an app performing all steps of the project, starting from the design, app development, testing, and finishing with the final product release. To complete the project, the following specialists were involved: iOS Developer, Android Developer, Tester, Architect, and Project Manager. The whole process has taken six months.

Solutions Used for Cash-Free Payment Project Implementation

  • Caching of resources received from the server and updating them only in case they are amended allows to reduce network traffic and increased app response (in case of absence of amendments in the resources, their load from the local cache occurs instantly);
  • The app includes the initial caching version of resources, which allows to start the usage of an app at once, even if the internet connection is not available;
  • QR code scanner automates the input of the machine number;
  • Display of all vending machines as markings on the map with an opportunity to quickly move to any of them;
  • Use of advertisements dynamically uploaded from the server;
  • Calculation of the distance from the device to a machine;
  • Display of the closest machines on the main page of the app (integration with Google Maps);
  • Sending of push notifications to inform the user about the closest machine.

Smarpay Functionality

Therefore, the Smarpay app allows its users to:

  1. Search for the nearest vending machine (Google Maps integration);
  2. Choose an item of food by a QR code;
  3. Execute payment transactions via sending a text message.

There is no need to go through the registration process to complete the payment transaction. Cash-free Payment App was crafted with iOS and Android users in mind. Currently, it is available for download on App Store and Google Play.

Cash-free Payment Softengi

Plans for the Future of Cash-free Payment App

In the meantime, Smarpay seems to be broadening its area of influence by adding ticket machines, photo booths, gas pumps, and flower and farm shops to its footprint.

Customer Feedback

‘‘We were fascinated by the professional approach of the Softengi team. They provided us with prompt responses to every question we had. Moreover, they came up with suggestions of possible solutions, proving their expertise and an ability to be efficiently thinking outside of the box’’ stated Andreas Strahm, Lestra Engineering AG Ing. FH, NDS Software Engineering.


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