Utilities and Energy

IoT in Oil & Gas: Asset tracking with RFID, GPS, and QR Codes

IoT for warehouse or asset management is a wise solution in a post-COVID world where human contacts are limited and there is a need to transfer the information fast. There are numerous different technologies that make asset tracking with IoT possible: RFID, QR codes, GPS tracking. All these technologies can be interchanged depending on the needs of the client and the environment.

Digital Twin Technology for Facility Monitoring

Digital twin technology for facility monitoring is the possibility to obtain the most accurate information about any environment from IoT sensors and stream it directly to the digital twin.

IoT-based Smart Space Solution

Collecting and analyzing data within the closed space, whether it’s a hospital, a financial institution, or a huge warehouse is challenging but not impossible with IoT.

System Integration and IoT Devices

The demand of IoT ecosystem gives us an opportunity to create a valuable asset consisting of things, data, processes and people. We possess vast expertise in successful implementation of IoT projects within various industries and areas.

Smart Door - An Application for Automated Door Unlocking

Softengi has created Smart Door System - a solution providing automated door unlocking with the help of fingertip recognition application and installed Hub.

Meter Reading System

Softengi developed a comprehensive information-analytical system allowing water utility inspectors to easily read meters installed around the city by means of mobile devices.

Aziot HOME. A Digital Platform to Transform Living Environment.

Softengi has developed a Connected Digital Home - tool, enabling integration of home ecosystem with digital technologies. The easiest way to have an apartment just in the phone!

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